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DIY Bikini Competition Suit

DIY Bikini Competition Suit


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I like to think of competing as an equal opportunity sport. It doesn't matter where you came from or how old you are, there is a place where you can compete. The one part of competing that can be difficult for many however is with the expense. After registering with the organizational body, registering for the show, paying for tanning products, makeup, a suit, jewelry and shoes, it can get pretty pricey. Here's one way to make it a little easier on the pocketbook.

Competition suits can be painful on the purse at least, and twice a mortgage payment at the most. For some, paying for a $500 suit that you'll wear a few times just isn't practical, or even possible.

There are a few ways around that though.

1) Consider purchasing a gently used suit. Check out the ones here on Figure & Bikini.

2) Make your own. Purchase an inexpensive suit at a local department store that fits you well (most important) and is of similar style to the ones you see in the regional competitions for the organization you are competing with. Then, if it doesn't have any bling or a scrunch bottom, add it on your own!

Check out the video that I found on YouTube that illustrates how you can add a scrunch to any suit bottom.

3) If you're rising up in the ranks of the sport and really need a blinged-out bikini, consider contacting a designer and working with them to showcase their suit to help them promote themselves. You just might be able to get a deal.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I plan to enter my first bikini competition this fall, and am trying to save cost while still producing good results. I've purchased an off-the-rack yellow bikini that flatters my skin tone (when I'm tan), but it needs a scrunch in the back. This video was helpful. Thanks!

Wonderful! Make sure to check back with us and let us know how it goes!

With love,


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