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Drink Water to Lose Fat

Drink Water to Lose Fat


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Kristin Shaffer Drink Water to Lose Fat

Did you know that professional figure and bikini competitors drink 1 to 2 GALLONS of water every day? While that might at first seem ridiculous, escecially when you consider the amount of time spent running to the restroom, there are extremely beneficial reasons they do this. It's one of the biggest fitness secrets of all!

Figure and bikini competitors have long understood the importance of water consumption.

In order to get that tight, tone body we all seek water has to be a big part of the equation.

When coupled with preparing meals specifically designed for weight loss in form of fat (see: Meals for Fat Loss), water can be the one magic ingredient needed to lose particularly those last few stubborn pounds.

In this episode of FABulously Fit Friday we look at the top 5 reasons these amazing bods are drinking so much water and help you to decide if you should too.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

This is great! I'm going to listen to this again and take notes. Thanks Kristin!

I love thos FFF episodes! Thanks for doing this - Kristin! You are fun!

--ms sunshine

Thanks Kristin. Everyday before starting my workday, I fill up my gallon water jug with water and transfer the water in my 20 oz water bottle. Also helps as a gauge. My goal is to have it completely empty the end of the day. Most days, it's about 90% gone which means I won't have to drink as much water in the evenings. More water really does make you fill full. :-). As always, thanks for a wonderful video!

I'm so glad you all like this one. I occurred to me today that I left out one other very important reason to drink water. It actually increases your metabolism significantly for something like close to an HOUR after you drink! Can't believe I forgot to put that one in there... arg. :z

Anyway - thank you SO much for your kind words all. You inspire me to make more videos. :)

With love,


I love the Fabulous Friday videos.

Thank you Lynnde43! Any particular topics you would like covered?

Thanks for this video!

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