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Too Busy to Diet?

Too Busy to Diet?


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Kristin Shaffer Too Busy for a Sexy Body

Everyone is busy today. REALLY busy. The number one reason I hear of individuals not being able to stick to a diet and exercise plan is that they just don't have time.

In this episode of FABulously Fit Friday I share a few tricks we use in the industry to help us to stay on track.

They are simple, inexpensive, and yet remarkably effective.

Check out the video and make sure you leave your tips and tricks to stay on track in the comments below. :)

With love,


p.s. Here's the link to the RoadPro vehicle food heater.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Hi Kristin. These are great tips! I purchased a large cooler last month from walmart, but had to return it because I noticed a tear in it (it was always there). Tried to get another one and the only one left had the same problem--so I may have to go to another walmart. In the meantime, Over the months, I've purchased various sizes of ice packs that help.

Like you, I have to "stuff it" and gulp down my meals --especially around meal #3 (a mid-AM) meal for me. My job involves seeing the public on a WALK IN basis so we are @ the mercy of the clients--we never know when or how many will come on any given day. Sometimes, I have maybe 5 minutes to get a meal in before I see the next person.

That's where keeping my meal or meals in my office with ice packs as I don't have time to run back & forth to the employee kitchen.

I never knew about portable coolers. I could certainly use one of those. Thank you.

I also think that it's SO EASY for us to become intimidated by co-workers responses, looks, etc. For instance, when I have a longer break (some months, it's 30 minutes, other months, it's an hour)-on the hour breaks, I like to use 30 minutes to hit the gym for some cardio and the other 30 to eat.

In recent weeks, I stopped b/c a co-worker wanted to have lunch (one that doesn't workout). At first I said I have other plans, but sort of caved in after 1 week, so I have to set the standard and hold MYSELF accountable.

Writing even these things down in a journal as you have suggested really helps.

Lastly, one thing that really helps me with the prep relates to gym prep. Because I do my primary workout before work (6:00 a.m.), I lay my workout clothes the NIGHT BEFORE, and put my WORK CLOTHES, gym bag in the car THE NIGHT BEFORE :-)

Because I live in an apt, I don't want to walk out as early as I have to leave with full hands (for safety purposes). Plus, I don't forget my work clothes as some co workers have and have had to miss their workout, go all the way back home to get their clothes! :-). Sorry to be so long..really enjoyed new ideas.

Lastly, tomorrow is a day off the job, but it's a DAY ON for me. Gonna do my prep (picked up stuff to keep me for another 2 weeks today), and will try to go to track if it's open. If not, no worries, will do workout here @ home. :-)

I love my rolling cooler, which I bought at Kohl's. I would love to have one of those heating devices that charges in the cigarette lighter. That would certainly come in handy when I am traveling with the kids. Now, I'm off to check the prices. Thanks :)

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