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Pre-Contest Protein Pancakes (can also modify for off-season) w/almond butter syrup

Pre-Contest Protein Pancakes (can also modify for off-season) w/almond butter syrup


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This recipe turned out better than i'd hoped! You can modify it for pre-contest or off season and it feels like a cheat in the middle of sugar less and salt-less foods. I hope you enjoy! =) It is full of protein, complex carbs (moderate), and good (fats). I highly recommend this before an intense training session, consumed 2 hours before to allow for digestion of fats.

• 1 cup almond milk, plain, unsweetened
• ¾ cup egg whites
• ¾ cup whole oats
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 1 tsp cinnamon
• 1 tsp canola oil
• 1 scoop vanilla protein
o this can be done with casein or whey depending on what time you are eating them
o This recipe was made with BSN’s Vanilla Ice Cream Protein, but I am soon switching to one with less fat and sodium.

Almond Butter Syrup
• 2 tbsp almond butter
• 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
• ¼ cup sugar free syrup (*I don’t use this during competition prep, like now. Instead I just add more unsweetened almond milk to make it liquidy and it tastes just fine*)
• ¼ cup low fat low sodium cottage cheese (*I don’t use this at all during pre-contest prep, like now*)
• 3 packets truvia
• 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk OR as needed to make it more liquid as a syrup or you can just replace the sugar free syrup with almond milk

Directions for Pancakes
• Put all ingredients in Blender and Puree on low for one minute or until complete dissolved
• Set skillet on stove with heat setting on medium-high and spray with pam or zero calorie non-stick spray (you will spray as needed)
• Should make approximately 3-4 medium to large thin pancakes per serving, so 6-8 total pancakes per mixture
• Top with any ¼ cup of chopped fresh fruit
o Off season: try baked chopped apples or ½ sliced banana
o On season: try 2 large size strawberries sliced into small pieces

Directions for Almond Butter Syrup (makes 2 servings)
• In microwave safe glass cup, melt 2 tbsp almond butter (my microwave takes about 1 minute since I keep my almond butter in the fridge)
• Mix in the rest of the ingredients
• Serve over warm pancakes…ENJOY! ;)

Includes syrup as topping
• remember, this is subject to change based on what protein you use since fat & carbs vary greatly from protein to protein
• Fat = 17.5 (*mostly monosaturated aka good fats*)
• Protein = 34.5
• Carbs = 32.75
• Fiber = 12.5

Author: Michelle Suarez

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