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Artificial Sweeteners - The Truth

Artificial Sweeteners - The Truth


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Kristin Shaffer Artificial Sweeteners

The maze of no calorie sweeteners is complex at best. With so many so-called zero calorie sweeteners on the market today and conflicting reports as to what they do to our bodies, it's no wonder we're confused! So in today's FABulously Fit Friday we break it all down for you.




Sweet'n Low

Do you know the differences between them? Are there differences?

Today's "no calorie" sweeteners essentially need to be broken down into three categories: artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and natural sweeteners.

Check out the video to learn which one may be right for you.

Do you use "no calorie" sweeteners? And if so what is your experience?

Leave your comments below! I absolutely love to hear from you.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

What a great broadcast! I have had MS for 12 years and at one time I had people telling that artificial sweeteners caused it - I argued that more people would have the disease if that were so. Then I hear that aspartame can mimic the symptoms of MS - I don't think it can fool the MRI!

I am the daughter of a diabetic and I have used artificial sweeteners for years. I have gained weight using weight and lost weight. Right now I just want to lose the fat and get into shape but if I choose to look as good as you do, I will take your advice and switch to something else!

Thank you for this Kristin! There is always so much confusion/controversy about sweeteners and I'm happy you've explained it all! I'm currently using Stevia in the Raw but I will definitely be looking for Stevia in the liquid form with limited ingredients.

I use about 2 packets of a Stevia blend a day. After seeing this, I will use it up and get the drops! What great info! Thank you!


Oh I'm so glad you all like this one so much! It was VERY interesting to make. I knew a bunch of the topic already but learned a ton more by doing all the research to prepare this one.

bcgrown - Just as you mentioned, if you're just trying to get into generally good shape the artificial sweeteners are generally just fine. Stevia is probably my favorite one out of the bunch currently.

samsvogt - Let me know how you like the liquid Stevia. I absolutely love it and will only use Stevia now if I'm in a pinch. The one thing I forget to mention in the video is that the liquid stevia needs to be kept in the refrigerator. Not a problem for me but makes it a little less portable.

scyocsd - Let us know if you like it! My favorite flavors currently are Vanilla Creme and English Toffee. Mmmmmnnnnnnnnnn.... :)

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