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An Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

An Incredible Weight Loss Transformation


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incredible weight loss transformation

Emma-Lee Molander's weight loss transformation is no less than extraordinary. And what makes her story even more amazing is how matter-of-fact she is about it! She's an inspiration to us all. I'm grateful that she granted me the time to share her story.

--What compelled you to begin your healthy living and was it an "Ah Ha" moment or more of a process over time?

Actually it was an insult from a woman about my size which made me say to myself that "Never again will someone be so rude, I'll show her"

--How much total weight and body fat % (if you know it) did you lose and in what time frame?

I started at about 90 kg and 50% BF in 2007, today I weigh approx. 55 kg and my BF is at this time is 10%.

--How did you learn to lose fat, gain muscle and get into such incredible shape? Self taught, trainers, or a combination?

I started out with eating disorders (anorexia and later bulimia and BED) and decided to use my experiences in a good way instead so I started to read and learn all I could get my hands on concerning eating well and weight training. I am now a Licensed Personal Trainer and dietitian.

--At what point did you decide to compete?

About three years ago I started thinking about competing and in April this year I decided to enter my first competition and on Dec 8th I made it a fact.

--Did you ever want to give up and if so what kept you moving forward? What setbacks, if any, did you have along the way?

I never felt like giving up. I love training and eating in a way that makes me feel good. I had a set back in 2010 due to malfunction of thyroid and gained some weight before the diagnosis was set and I started medication.

--What are the biggest positive and negative surprises about your transformation?

There are only positive experiences of my transformation - I feel better about myself, I can inspire others.

--Can you share a day of your clean eating?

I start of with oat meal with extra protein and milk in the morning. For lunch and dinner I usually eat about 200-250 grams of chicken, lots of vegetables and carbs in small amount (such as beans, brown rice etc). In between meals I eat proteinbars, cottage cheese, quark, eggs.

--Can you share your typical training schedule?

I do heavy weight training about six times a week, deviding my body in three parts (shoulders, arms, abs day one and four - legs day two and five - back and chest day three and six. I also walk a lot almost every day.

--If you had one bit of advice to give to someone who has a significant amount of weight to lose, what would that be?

Always focus on the goal! Find a way that suits you and if there are set backs just try harder.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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