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Pro Debut 15-Week Fitness Journey

Pro Debut 15-Week Fitness Journey


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My Blog: A "snapshot" of my life as a Pro Bikini competitor in my early 40s, a mommy to a 2 year old, a wife, a full-time personal trainer, and pursuing my Masters in Nutrition. Also the top 3 questions many competitors are asked constantly :-)

My mission is to inspire novice bikini competitors, but to also educate and motivate the every day person how competitors can offer beneficial fitness tips in nutrition, exercise and motivation.

Author: Pamela Adams

Member Comments

Great pics and video! :-). We're homies (I'm in a neighboring county). Do you have a regular blog? Just found you on fb and will follow. :-). I also have the TRX cert--need to use it. :-)

Hi jcsmitty2! Thank you. This is my first blog and I do plan to do more blogs during my "journey". As for your TRX certification, definitely take advantage of it. :-)

You're a sweetheart. I liked your face book page and really enjoyed your posts (stayed up too late reading some...) :-). Will read more later. and yes, I WILL take advantage of the TRX. Do you like teaching it? :-)

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