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Are Carbs Bad?

Are Carbs Bad?


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Kristin Shaffer Are Carbs Bad?

Have you ever been confused about which carbohydrates are good or bad? Or if they're good at all? I know I sure was before I figured all this out.

Carbohydrates have a bad rap.

Low carb diets.

No carb diets.

We've been brain washed to believe if we have carbs in our diet that we'll blow up like a balloon (see: How I Diet - One of My Tricks).

Not true!

In this FABulously Fit Friday we decipher the carb maze for you.

And as always - I want to hear what you think! Leave your comments below and tell me what your experiences are with carbohydrates. I want to know what you've learned about their importance.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I was told that I am "carb sensitive" so I have to be careful about which kind of carbs I eat. I tend to lose fat better without starch - just veggies and fruit around my workouts!


I try to stay away from "white" or processed carbs in my day-to-day diet, with the exception of a treat here and there.

However, now that I'm training for a bikini competition, I eat only sweet potatoes, rolled oats and brown rice, and only for my first two meals of the day (trying to avoid in late afternoon or night).

I will say this - when I want to "feel" thin, I stay away from carbs all together and it does the trick. Not sure if it's a mental thing, or if it just prevents me from looking bloated.

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