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Not milk?

Not milk?


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Kristin Shaffer Not Milk

Milk has been marketed for decades as having incredible health benefits for adults. And it's true. Milk has amazing nutrition. But does it really promote weight loss? See what I uncovered that was shocking... even to me.

But - have you ever wondered why lactose intolerance is so common?

And have you ever wondered if milk is good for fat loss and getting you into the most amazing incredible shape of your life?

Milk is in so many products we consume that it's certainly worth exploring.

And I think what you'll see in this FABulously Fit Friday just might shock you.

It did me!

Milk may not be as good for weight loss as we may have been led to believe. [1] [2]

What other foods do you find milk sneaking in to?

Do you have any tips on milk substitutes?

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With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Great video! I'm in fat loss mode... no more dairy at all! My husband has been trying to drop some fat (not at my urging, I think he's perfect), so if I can just convince him to stop drinking so much VITAMIN D MILK!!!!!

So glad you liked it Becky! Isn't it funny how men like milk so much too? Men can process carbs much easier and better than women can so they can get away with more foods like that. But the men who do eat clean can build some serious muscle and get shredded REALLY fast.

With love,

What about Greek Yogurt?

Same as milk. Greek yogurt also contains sugar due to the lactose. Great question!

With love ~Kristin <3

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