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8-Weeks to Pro Debut

8-Weeks to Pro Debut


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8-weeks can either feel like an eternity or not enough time when you are getting ready for a competition. It is all in how you look at it. It starts by taking a moment to EXHALE and RE-ENERGIZE! Click on my picture and check out my post on putting life in perspective...

8-Weeks to go! EXHALE & RE-ENERGIZE

Time is flying now! Time to order my custom bikini, new 5" heels and start practicing my posing for the next 8-weeks until show time! I am much tighter from my last show and feel great about the changes I have made with my delts, glutes and hamstrings :-)

I feel great overall, but will admit I've been a bit tired balancing life: work, family, school, illness...all while training/dieting for this upcoming pro bikini competition. In-season training can really test a competitor to her limits so it's about finding the strength within to push even harder to make it through.

So, I take a moment to EXHALE and appreciate what is important to get RE-ENERGIZED: Grateful for the support from friends, co-workers, clients, even strangers who are inspired. Extremely grateful for my husband for being my coach, motivator, and truly my best friend, along with our awesome 2-year old son who tells me "I love you more, Mommy"....I'm speechless.

Overall, it's about keeping things in perspective and to enjoy the "journey". No matter what the outcome is the day of my Pro-Debut May 4th, I've already won more times over...grateful for the unconditional love and support and appreciating being the best I can truly be :-)

TRAIN HARD and I wish the best of luck to all of you in your upcoming competitions!!! :-)


Author: Pamela Adams

Member Comments

This post is amazing! I'm 6 weeks out from my very first competition, and I am dealing with a lot of new life changes, trying to graduate school and looking for a job. It's tough but you're right, some times you just need stop and breathe and realize the greatness of your journey. Very inspiring and just what I needed! Thank you! :)
and good luck!
--Kayla Goyette

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