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Best Butt Lift Workout

Best Butt Lift Workout


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kristin shaffer butt exercises

Hey ladies who doesn't want a high and tight booty?

Believe it when I tell you genetics and age have little to do with having an awesome backside.

Watch the latest FABulously Fit Friday to see my favorite exercises to achieve a BODACIOUS, INCREDIBLE, SEXY booty.

Also see: Can Weight Training Burn More Fat?

What are your favorite exercises to achieve a bodacious booty?

Make sure to let me know by leaving your thoughts below the video.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Hello! Nice video. I'd been doing all three of these, but sort of stumbled upon the back extensions being a glute exercise....I recently started squeezing the glutes coming up. Thanks so much. Sometimes lunges are a little hard on right knee (only due to previous injury) so I can maybe do walking lunges once a we

Wonderful! :)

I love walking lunges! Especially weighted ones. Great video Kristin, I had (gasp) forgotten all about hyperextensions! Those babies are back IN leg and booty day :D

I love walking lunges too Becky. I may add some lunges on the stairs to change it up a bit. :)

With love,


kristin, you talk about the miracle three, but what happens to make 3 weeks the magic number? Did you change your diet again at that point. I am dieting, I am exercising everyday and the fat on the back of my legs and butt will not go away. I lost my butt and now I look flat, I am 49 and I have 10 weeks before my first competition, I am seriously getting depressed.

dgeorgevitch@charter I do change up my diet a little as I get closer to competition.

If you're not on a plan already I encourage you to check out my Bikini Competition Prep eBook and Meal Planning Tool.

With love,


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