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Dealing with Weight Loss Naysayers

Dealing with Weight Loss Naysayers


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kristin shaffer weight loss naysayers

Have you dealt yet with naysayers on your weight loss journey to an incredible body?

I sure have.

In the supermarket.

At work.

At home.

People that cut us down just when we're making progress toward our dreams can knock us off track, derailing our best efforts (see: How to Stick with Your Diet and Exercise Plan).

Want to know why they do what they do and what you can do about it?

Find out in this FABulously Fit Friday video. Check it out below.

What kind of naysayers have you run into? What's your advice for your sisters in fitness on how to deal with it?

Make sure to leave your comments below the video.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Thank you so much! A very instructive video that speaks to many women's experience here, including mine. Only been on this journey a few weeks..and while most friends' comments have been positive, others', well, not so much (especially once they find out that competition is where I'm headed). You're right- take it as a compliment. :-)

This is video is just what I needed! It seems like you made this just at the right time when I have the same things happening at this point in my life! I am 3 weeks out from my first competition and I am a senior in college and my friends just don't get it. Especially when I go out to the bars and don't take a sip of alcohol. (THIS IS THE WORST) Or even when I will go out to eat and enjoy my grilled chicken instead of my cheeseburger and fries! And it is my closest friends too. Sometimes the only people who I feel are supportive our my boyfriend and family! It's very hard to deal with, especially because I am a sensitive person anyways and do get my feelings hurt easily. But I love what you said about taking it like a compliment! I have been opting for that route and it is easy to ignore the negativity. Thank you so much, Kristen! I wish I could play this to my "haters" but that might be too mean...and I'm not like them because I'm happy!
--Kayla Goyette

Kayla good for you for staying on track and not letting others derail you! You should also check out my video called "Why I Don't Drink" if you haven't seen it already. Pretty funny stuff. :)

Know I'm here if you need an ear. You have love and support from your sisters in fitness.

With love,

Sleekgeek and know it likely won't change even when your a seasoned competitor like myself. Even today after years and years of hearing it from all sorts of people I'm still amazed but I do try my best to consider it a compliment, even the nastiest of jabs. :)

With love,

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