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Kristin Shaffer I Hate Food

Am I missing out on the typical American diet filled with "VARIETY"?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said, "Kristin I couldn't eat what you eat. I love food to much."

I would be a very rich woman indeed!

The implication of course is that one must not enjoy food in order to get into crazy, sexy, awesome shape.

The other thing I hear a lot is that individuals like and need more variety in their diet than I have. I hear, "I couldn't eat the same thing all the time like you do."

This has perplexed me for a very long time as I don't see myself as lacking variety (see: How I Prepare All My Meals for the Week in Under 2 Hours), but there must be something there for them to think this way.

So of course, I went on a mission to find the truth.

Am I missing out on the typical American diet filled with "VARIETY"?

Watch this episode of FABulously Fit Friday to find out!

What kind of variety do you have in your diet? Do you feel like you're missing out? Make sure to leave your thoughts below.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Great video Kristin! You are so on point! Mostly everything out there (even stuff on the inside of the isle that says no sugar) is unhealthy. Not only should one read labels, but the serious minded person needs to be educated on the trick names for certain products (like sugar has a slew of them) :-). For me, I have to read labels even more since I now have food allergies (of foods that are in nearly all competitors diets) :-).

Thank you Joan! <3

With love,

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