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I Did It!

I Did It!

By Kim Darosa

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My starting weight was 132lbs and I measured 23.6 %Body fat By the date of the competition I had gotten down to 113 lbs and was 12.3% Body fat. My Goal was 15% Body fat so I exceeded my goal

Have you ever seen someone on the beach or walking by and thought to yourself, I’d like to look like her? Maybe you thought, I like her hair, her legs, even her butt.

I remember that exact moment when I sat down at my computer and flipped on Facebook . An acquaintance of mine had posted her fitness pictures and wow, she looked amazing. I said to my husband “I want to look like her”. He kind of laughed and said “she is an athlete”! I flipped off the computer- kinda chuckling at my husband and off I went to start my day; making beds, making lunches and getting my daughter out the door for school.

I had never been overweight, nor has my weight fluctuated very much but with that being said I had just been on vacation and found I gained 12-15 pounds. I have always tried to stay active and incorporate exercise into my daily routine. Owning my own business allows me some flexibility with my schedule so I usually start work later in the mornings. For the past month, I had been working out with my friend Brent Hawley who was showing me some new things and his routine at the gym. As we started our workout that morning, I said to Brent “What would you think if I want to do a fitness competition?” His response was simple yet positive. He said “well you will have to step it up a bit! You are good enough to walk the beach, but a competition is a whole new level! "I knew he was telling me the absolute truth.

From that day on I casually mentioned my idea to a few friends here and there while I pondered it over in my own head.

The thought of being 38 years old and walking in a string bikini was something completely out of my comfort zone!! I happened to meet up with the girl who I aspired to look like on facebook, Kristen Vidlak, who had participated in competitions herself. I mentioned my goal of training for one and her response was “you absolutely should!

We started talking and she said that I could workout with her when our schedules allowed. This was exciting because now I had two workout partners to support me in this challenge!

Kristen and I signed up for a competition close to where we live so the drive wasn’t too far and the date was set! The commitment was made and there was no backing out now!!

I had 12 weeks until the competition to really pick up the pace. I entered all of my exercise and diet into an app called fitness pal. I found ideas on this Figure & Bikini Website fantastic :) By week 6, I was working out approximately 2 hours a day with both weights and cardio and I had enlisted the help of Gina Trochiano & Kerwyn Chandroo to help me with my diet. He gave me a weekly diet plan and I sent him my weekly weights and pictures.

It was the first time in my entire life that I looked at food in a whole new light. I ate more than I ever had throughout the day and found I really enjoyed planning and preparing my meals. I placed in the middle of my category of Bikini Classic ….Wow what a fantastic experience!!!!

Kim Darosa Ontario Canada

Author: Kim Darosa

Member Comments

Kim that's AWESOME!!!!

Congratulations on your journey and thank you so very much for sharing your story!

With love,


Thanks for sharing your journey! So you went from 23.6% bf to 12.3 in 12 wks or so? Wow. You look great! :-) Melissa

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