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Bikini Presentation

Bikini Presentation


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How to help you prepare for your first step on stage.

Your presentation, poise and posing is a key component in any fitness competition but especially the Bikini division. Your fit physique is a major factor in stepping on stage but is of less value than a figure competitor for example. The idea behind bikini is OWNING the stage! Confidence is key to truly get great posing with a positive fun attitude that will be reflective at the judges table as well. I will give you 5 hints that can bring your lower placing up one or two levels simply by these steps.

1. SMILE- judges want to see a beautiful girl with a great smile, shows your happy & confident in your body

2. TAKE YOUR TIME- you have worked your glutes off so take the time to do your poses and DO NOT rush. Shows you want to be there and don't want to run off stage.

3. PRACTICE- like they say practice makes perfect and the more you practice the less nervous you will be on stage the day of your competition and less likely to stumble or make errors. Practice should be done in your competition suit and heels- I have seen many girls who cannot walk in their heels.

4. ONLY YOU- tell yourself you are the only person on stage but not only that you are YOUR ONLY competition. You are competing against yourself!! Worrying less about your competition and more about yourself will show on stage and give you that confidence the judges will be able to identify.

5. CATCH EYES- You want to be the girl that the judges cannot take their eyes off of. To do so ensure you are switching up your poses just enough to remind the judges who you are while others may be coming on stage.

Bikini is not only judged on stage presence it is hair, make-up, tan, suit, physique/fit and natural beauty. These are simply my own tips and advice on how to really make your stage presence component shine.

Guess which one is me in the picture :)

Author: Caitlin Cooke

Member Comments

I have a question in relation to hair. I notice most if not all ladies competing in bikini have long hair. My hair is VERY short. Is this a drawback?

Pink Suit :)

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