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The Easy Way Isn't Always Easy

The Easy Way Isn't Always Easy


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In the world we live in today almost everything is at our fingertips. If we want it, we can have it. But when it comes to our bodies, instant weight loss simply doesn't work.

This weekend I went camping with my family.

It was glorious. Blue skies with wispy clouds.

Crisp, clean air.

A blue heron striking its beak into the water with laser-like precision, grabbing its dinner and then stretching its huge wings out to fly overhead.

We set up our tents, filled up a huge jug of water at the fill station, set up the propane grill, and starting working on dinner.

The 7-year-old asked, "When's dinner - I'm hungry."

Next it was, "I'm cold."

Followed by, "I'm bored."

And shortly thereafter, "When are we making s'mores?"

Camping is a lot of work. And it takes a lot of patience.

Meals are served one by one so food can be eaten while it's warm.

Lanterns for little light.

Batteries drain quickly on a Kindle. Real books with real paper are a welcome luxury.

If you have to use the restroom... well... there may be none.

In the world we live in today almost everything is at our fingertips. If we want it, we can have it.

Instant heat.

Instant light.

Instant food.

Instant entertainment.

Instant garbage disposal.

Instant clean clothes.

Even instant surgery to change our bodies.

Instant everything.

It's a blessing isn't it really? We don't really have to work hard for much today. Certainly not like our ancestors did - not by a long shot.

But when it comes to our bodies, instant simply doesn't work.

Instant meals.

Instant workouts.

Diet pills for instant weight loss.

They don't work.

Why? Because THEY are "instant", but life, and our bodies, are not.

The body is a perpetually changing mechanism of living tissue, demanding our continual attention.

Much like relationships and all things human, instant simply doesn't work.

Even though our camping trip was only 3 days it seemed like a week.


Because nothing was instant.

There was great joy in having to slow down and work at the things in life that we take for granted today.

Perhaps it's time to do the same with our bodies.

To me, the rewards are too great not to.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Hi Kristin, you couldn't have said it better. And in the market for health, that is exactly what they push to get rich while we deal with the consequences. Great post, thanks for reminding us to slow down. :)

You're welcome Vonni! I'm so pleased you like the post.

With love,


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