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3 Ways to Fight the Freshman 15

3 Ways to Fight the Freshman 15


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Kristin Shaffer Fight the Freshman 15

Even if you're not a college student this FABulously Friday is a fun and informative one you don't want to miss. If you're in college or thinking about going to college, then you are likely aware of the dreaded "Freshman 15". This is a well documented fact that most college students gain quite a bit of weight in their university years, many of which are packed on in the first few semesters and never taken off.

Now even though I may have gone to college 423 years ago, I still have a few tricks and tips to offer.

We didn't have apps and ipads back then, but the Freshman 15 was a real threat that I too had to face.

And thanks to a little ingenuity and imagination, I avoided the weight gain and will share my strategies with you.

What other tips can you share for your sisters in college? I want to hear your ideas in the comments below this video.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

LMBO! I loved this video! Kristin, you are so pretty AND funny. And you can get down on the dancefloor too! Very useful information for those in college. Good job on the video. :)

This is a great video - I've forwarded it to my college daughter! Also, just watched the video on "Stop Bingeing". Wow fantastic helpful information. I am going to try to put these postive strategies into action. Thanks for all you do.

Keri thank you so much! I have to tell you this one was a BLAST to make. The attendant at the convenience store thought we had lost our minds - shooting video at 5 in the morning.

Your kind words mean the world to me.

With love,


Stella I would love to hear what your daughter thinks! Thanks so much for sending it to her.

If I can be of service in any way please do let me know.

With love,


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