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Healthy Breakfast Idea - Grab N Go Egg Whites

Healthy Breakfast Idea - Grab N Go Egg Whites


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Kristin Shaffer Healthy Breakfast Ideas

My mornings are CRAZY! And when I mean crazy I really mean crazy. I'm lucky to get myself out the door much less the rest of my family. So when it comes to breakfast all too often in the past my breakfast options literally whittled down to a Pop Tart. Not exactly what I would call a healthy meal!

Since I've adopted a clean eating lifestyle I certainly eat healthier options, but I'm no less busy and sometimes need something I just take with me to the office.

Check out one of my secrets for healthy Grab N Go egg whites. These were so delicious I had to fight my family for them after I turned off the camera... even my teenage son!

And as always I want to hear from you. What healthy, clean breakfast ideas can you share with us?

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Hi Kristin,

I would love to incorporate these foods into my breakfast routine, but I have multiple food allergies that interfere. I'm unable to have eggs, wheat or dairy. Would you have any healthy alternatives?


Hi Courtney,

I think in your case you would just have to prepare other protein alternatives such as turkey breast, chicken, etc. So while you may not be able to cook up something like this, you certainly could have "Grab N Go" meals ready at any time. Check out my "Meals for Fat Loss" article for more information on that topic.

Thanks for your great question!

With love,


I can't find where you say how much of each ingredient to use. How many eggwhites & how much oetmeal, stevia, salsa?

Hi Wendy! For each variation it was 6 egg whites. The oatmeal had 46 grams. The salsa was about 1/4 cup strained. :):)

With love,


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am an overweight male trying to eat healthy and create a healthy body. Thank you for sharing this simple but wonderful recipe with everyone. It was tastier than the egg whites and oats alone and filling. I don't particularly like the taste of oats but know that I need them in my diet so this was a great alternative.

Wonderful! So glad you enjoyed.

With love,



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