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10 Weeks to Bikini Body - Kristin Shaffer's Journey to Stage

10 Weeks to Bikini Body - Kristin Shaffer's Journey to Stage


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Kristin Shaffer Bikini Body

Join me on my journey.

10 weeks to go...

9% body fat to drop...

Will my family survive? ;)

Join me on this journey as I prepare my body and mind for the coveted Emerald Cup "Fit Body" stage, the very competition I was so fortunate to win my class last year.

This first of its kind documentary will highlight my workouts, diet, and the ups and downs that is inevitable with a challenge of this caliber.

And as always I want to hear from you.

Ask your questions below the video and it just might be chosen to be answered on air!

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I'm looking forward to watching this series. I'm 14 weeks out from my next competition, it will be nice to feel connected with someone else on the same road. You look very lean already, but I know you carry your extra weight in your lower body. I'm the opposite. I have a hard time getting any butt size and I put my extra weight on my upper body and mostly around my middle. When I lean out I hope to retain as much lower body size as possible so I rely much more on diet than cardio. As far as questions: Any tips on losing fat without losing muscle? p.s. I'm 53, as far as I know I'm the oldest bikini competitor in the BCABBA :-)

@dmsouthwood - that is so awesome!

@kristin- I'm 40 hoping to compete in my first EVER comp - I'm about 9 weeks out and I carry in my mid to lower body. Cant wait to see this series. I've recently started the meal prep based on FAB - hoping that will help to drop that stubborn fat I still have to be rid of :) Good Luck to all

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