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8 Weeks to Bikini Body - Kristin Shaffer's Journey to Stage

8 Weeks to Bikini Body - Kristin Shaffer's Journey to Stage


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Kristin Shaffer 8 Weeks to Bikini Body

I'm now 8 weeks out from stepping on stage at the biggest competition in the Northwest. How are things going?

Sleep is an amazing thing gals!

I feel like a whole new woman.

Clean eating, intense training, and a dose of humor always makes me feel my best.

And in this episode I answer some of YOUR questions so tune in and check it out!

As always I want to hear from you.

Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Love you back workout! Question... I'm 48 doing my 1st comp. You mentioned skin loosening as you loose body fat. Do you have any suggestions, tricks anything to help skin tighten??

MaryJo, that is my question, I am 49 doing my first comp, loose skin on my butt and thighs is making me crazy!!!

Love seeing what you do in the gym Love these videos:) Any suggestions for loose skin!! I'm 48 and right now my skin looks gross after loosing body fatLOL

MaryJo and degeorgevitch, I look forward to Kristin's answer, but I'll throw my 2 cents in: I'm a competitor at 53, prepping for my next competition in May. I had three kids and know all about the skin issues. I find that starting your cut early (as Kristin said) does help, also, not gaining too much during the off-season. Lots of hydration and sleep are very important, and keeping up on your fats. At our age our macros need to be different that 20-somethings. try to keep your healthy fats at least 30%, coconut oil is good and take your fish oils. Supplementing with MSM and vitamin C in combination also seems to make a difference. You can safely take larger doses of MSM than the recommended daily dose and you will notice your skin feels softer and more supple (also your hair and nails grow better). All over exfoliation and moisturizing are good too. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Also, take heart if this is your first competition, if you stay in good shape off-season you'll find your skin will be better each time as it takes a good year or two to tighten after your initial getting into shape. Good luck!

Thank You, dmsouthwood!!!! How do you take your coconut oil? Cooking with it, applying to skin or what?

You're welcome! I do both with the coconut oil. Except for a little bit of olive oil used in salad dressing, coconut oil is the only oil I use in cooking, and I also add a bit to my cottage cheese in the evening (just my little quirk, I enjoy the taste - I don't use the unsented kind), and I use it on my skin. Although it's solid, it turns to liquid as soon as it touches your skin.

This is a stupid question, but I was at a seminar about compittions and a lady asked about saggy skin on her tummy and butt, they said there was a way you can tape or glue some of it in your suit. Have you heard of such a thing? If so how, if not, could some one figure it out for me!!!! LOL

Lol, I did that my first show. The technique and effectiveness will depend on if you're bikini or figure. It's harder with the tiny bikini suits. If you're figure, there is a lot of lift in the design of the suits - the crisscross backs help to lift the bottom, so I'm sure there are different ways of doing it, but you can use double sided tape (yup - carpet tape - be very careful removing it) attached to the inside of your suit bottom. Peel one side of paper off and apply it in the suit, put the bottom on, peel of the protective paper on the 2nd side of the tape and, without letting it touch your skin, pull the loose skin up inside the bottom so it's not pulling too tight, but gives you some lift/taughtness. The crisscross straps will give you the rest of the lift you need. Don't overdo it, and make sure you practice at home at least a few times. It will mess with your tan, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time. Don't try this with Bikini Bite. It's only meant to hold the suit in place. It won't hold if you're pulling on it. You can do the same thing at the front (pulling down) to tighten lower tummy skin, and also in the inside bottom of your top - place it against the under side of your breasts, then pull the neck ties up to give your breasts lift and pull the upper stomach skin tight. If you're bikini, I don't think you can do much with your butt (I'm bikini and have never tried it), but you can do a little bit with the front of your bikini bottom for the lower stomach - don't go overboard because you don't want your suit pulling up your crotch, lol. And you can definitely do the bikini top - that's what I've done. When you're practicing at home you might want to put some fabric or the back of your hand on the tape surface and then peel it off to make it less tacky before applying it to your more sensitive skin areas as it REALLY sticks. An alternative, that I haven't used, but would maybe be better with more loose skin, is to pull it tight under where the suit is, and sort of fold it on itself and apply duct tape or gorilla tape, but you'd want to be very sure it wouldn't show and it wouldn't come loose. I hope this helped. Sorry for the run-on sentences...

You ladies ROCK!!!!

Loose skin... dmsouthwood is right on. Key is to not yo-yo too much with your weight once you get to your desired level. That way the skin has time to continue to tighten. I have personally seen a difference in mine since I dropped a bunch of weight by not gaining it again and just letting everything tighten over time.

Sleep - clean eating - and I'll add intense weight training. Strengthening the underlying muscle tissue helps support the skin.

And dmsouthwood is right out the suits as well. Figure suits tend to be more 'forgiving' of a saggy behind as they pull upwards. Bikini suits have less support.

Great info!!!

With love,


Hi Kristin! I was recently in the body transformation contest you hosted back in September. I was also a second place runner up! I'm doing my best to continue this as a life style (while still using the meal planning too) until the next competition rolls around;-)

I just wanted to thank you for all your support! In this video you said that if we wanted your meal plan for what you are eating right now we needed to sign up for the emails. I have already signed up, how do I get the meal plan that you are on right now?


Hi Amber,

Thank you so much for writing and for YOUR support! Just knowing you're continuing your amazing journey brings me more joy than you can possibly imagine.

I'll zip my current meal plan over to you in just a minute. :)

With love,


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