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Kristin Shaffer 4 Weeks to Bikini Body - Lose Weight NOW

Kristin Shaffer 4 Weeks to Bikini Body - Lose Weight NOW


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Kristin Shaffer Lose Weight Now

It's typically about this time, when I'm 4 weeks out from stepping on stage and my body is really tightening up, that I get the inevitable question... "Kristin, how can I lose weight right NOW?????". And I bet you're thinking I'm going to say you can't. But this time I just might surprise you!

Most individuals that approach me wanting to lose weight, want to do so very quickly.

But it's understandable isn't it though? When we've made up our minds and we're fed up with carrying the extra pounds around, we want to get rid of it NOW.

This week I share with you exactly how you can start losing weight immediately.

And not to be missed... my humbling Rocky IV training scene re-enactment... many LOL moments shooting this week's video for sure!

Check it out in the video below.

And then make sure to share your story as I want to hear any barriers to weight loss that you may have and if you've found solutions, what they are.

Leave your comments below.

With love ~ your Sister in Fitness,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I am doing my first bikini comp in 4 weeks also, I am 49 years old. Please tell me why every one says the last 3-4 weeks you tighten up so much? Are you changing your diet to even lower calories? Are you working out EVERY day? Are you cutting sodium? What is so magic about the last 3-4 weeks??

Kristin I loved this video!! Such straight forward, easy to follow advice. Why do people think it has to be complicated? But I have to say, the out-takes were the best part, lol. You're hilarious :-)

Dgeorgevitch I think we all say the last 3-4 weeks are the best because that's when you will see the most notable improvement. That's because you are getting to the body fat levels where every little half pound drop of fat is a notable difference visually. It's really fun.

And no, diet shouldn't change much at all, if any, in those last few weeks. And I personally train 6 days a week.

With love,


DmSouthwood thank you SO much! And I'm glad you enjoyed the out-takes... that's personally my favorite part as well... :)

With love,


Great video Kristen! Just got back from a leg day at the gym!First time in a while every one here inspires me!

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