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3 Weeks to Bikini Body - Sick! Do I stick with my Diet?

3 Weeks to Bikini Body - Sick! Do I stick with my Diet?


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Kristin Shaffer 3 Weeks to Fit Body

Sick!!! 3 weeks out from stepping on stage and I'm sick! ARG!!! This couldn't come at a worse time. Okay - maybe it could... like if I got sick right beforehand. But seriously? Now? See what my recommendations are if this happens to you.

Getting sick, whether or not your preparing for the stage, always seems to throw us off track with our goals.

But with a few simple strategies it doesn't have to be a complete disaster.

Check out this week's video and let me know what YOU do when you're sick.

Do you cave and order that pizza or do you stick to your plan?

Make sure to leave your thoughts below!

With love ~ Your FAB Sister,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

I'm too fast to throw my efforts and hard work out the window! I'm trapped in a vicious cicle. Not sure yet where all this self sabotage comes from.
Hey Kristin, I hope you recover fast and rock the stage. Thanks for the inspiration!

Awww.... feel better soon Kristin!

Thank you both for your warm wishes! Getting better with each day that passes. :)

With love,


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