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Should I Compete in Bikini? I'm Not Ready

Should I Compete in Bikini? I'm Not Ready


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There is an article flying around social media at the moment that irks me a bit, pertaining to those "not ready" to compete in bikini. Okay... maybe it irks me more than a bit. I won't go into the details, but in essence the author states only those "serious" about competing should be competing. He adds that those who aren't in "peak" condition have no business stepping on a stage. I think this author needs a little reality check (and yes you read that right... "he"). So... I'm here to very cordially hand that reality check.

First of all, if you're looking to enter your first, second, or one hundred and twentieth bikini competition, BRAVO!!!! As post high school individuals desperately needing fantastic goals to keep us HEALTHY and VIBRANT, a bikini competition is a FANTASTIC way to motivate us to get our butts into awesome shape. I'm a HUGE proponent of using a bikini competition as a motivator to get our behind off the couch and into the gym, and away from the drive-thru.

Secondly, last time I checked there are about 0.000001% of individuals competing that actually make a full time living COMPETING (I didn't say "coaching" or "personal training").

Oh wait… it’s NONE.

So unlike other post high school sports such as pro football, pro basketball, pro tennis, etc. as of right now there isn’t money in bikini competitions. Even the top of the top, the best of the best, have to get sponsorships and typically personal train to support their love of competing.

What that means is, for MOST of us competing...moms, sisters, daughters and even grandmothers... is that this is a goal to be in the best shape WE can possibly be, with whatever God gave us, at our current circumstance in life.

Regardless of what the judges think and whatever “standard” they are seeking at the time, we are doing this for ourselves and no one else. Anything other than that and we risk continual disappointment and potentially even giving up all together.

And that’s because this is a subjective sport folks. At one bikini competition the judges are looking for a “softer”, more curvaceous, look. At another the judges are looking for something “harder” and “more muscular”.

The “standard” even changes from year to year. If you look at the top bikini competitors from a few years ago to the ones of today, they look very different.

The author of the article I’m referring to also mentions that anyone not in “peak” condition should never step on stage as they are wasting time for everyone in the audience.

Once again the author is simply erred in his thinking.
Let’s look at it from a show promoter’s standpoint first.

If you’re a show promoter you want as MANY competitors as you can reasonably accommodate and you want a venue full of spectators.

For local shows this means the audience is made up of family and friends of the competitors. It’s extremely rare for someone to attend a bodybuilding, figure, bikini competition unless they personally know someone competing or are thinking of competing themselves. So if we limit those on stage to ONLY those in “peak” condition, well then there simply would be very few local shows as there would be too few individuals entering, and therefore too few in the audience, to support the expense of the competition.

The author of that article might argue that that’s exactly his point though. That by limiting who enters these competitions and “weeding out” those he feels are not “qualified” to step on stage, there would be an overall rise in the quality of competitor entering.

But once again he’s missing the boat.

There already is a ranking system in the world of bikini competitions.

In order to compete in a National Level Bikini Competition (NPC affiliated), you must have qualified by achieving certain rankings in a “Nationally Qualifying” local or regional bikini competition. Then, in order to compete at a “Pro” level competition you must have qualified by achieving certain rankings at a National Show. And in order to compete at the top bikini competitions in the world (the Arnold Classic and the Olympia), you must have earned certain rankings at the Pro Competitions.

So the system is already designed to allow individuals, ANY individual, compete at the local level competitions in order to enjoy this sport.

Bottom line?

The author is misguided in his thinking on multiple levels and for anyone who read his article I hope my thoughts on this topic help encourage you to reach for your personal goals for competing in a bikini competition regardless if you, or anyone else, thinks you may not be “ready”.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Ugh thank you! I read his article too and honestly all I thought was that the guy is a total tool and has no business being in an industry that is supposed to support everyone in achieving their physique/fitness/etc goals.

I wasn't 'peak condition' for my first comp, but now I'm hooked and I'll certainly do better the second time around. If everyone had to be perfect for their first comp I think that novice stage would have been empty.

I know exactly who and what website youre talking about lol! Most juiced up bodybuilders/coaches that coached so many folks have an arrogance about them! Everyone starts some where, and his opinions lack intelligence. Though I do agree that some people are competing just for bragging rights and require attention, I personally would do it for myself and for the challenge, the trophy doesn't mean anything to me in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for being such a positive lady and clearing this up!

Yes I have it read it also. I am about to do my first comp here in Australia. I am doing this for me. I believe you need a goal in life and this is what gets me out of bed in the morning and working out. I have always enjoyed being in the gym so I thought I would take the next step. This guy seems to have the problem.

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