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3 Little Known Bikini Competition Tips

3 Little Known Bikini Competition Tips


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Kristin Shaffer Bikini Competition

I just got back from the Bikini Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA. To say this was an awesome experience well… that would just be an incredible understatement. I feel so honored to be stepping on stage with the most amazing bikini competitors in the country.

And then to place at a respectable 7th place position just blows me away.

And as I now prepare for my second national-level competition of this year I have the opportunity to share with you some of the very little known tips that I have learned over the years. These little known tips will make your entire competition experience that much smoother.

--TIP #1--
If you are staying in a hotel, bring a cheap shower curtain.

Woooo weee did I have to learn the hard way on this one at one of my very first competitions.

So there I am, the show is over, I’m elated and exhausted. I have peeled my competition suit off (quite literally thanks to suit glue - ick!). And I jump in the hotel room shower to wash off the layers and layers of spray tan so meticulously and carefully covering every nook and cranny of my body.

Now… if you have ever competed before than you know… after going well over 24 hours without having a shower, on top of the 400 layers of spray tan covering your skin, suit glue that’s made to STAY, gobs and gobs of makeup and hairspray, oh and not to mention the fact that we’re NERVOUS and PERSPIRE… yeah a shower seems like a miracle right around this point!

So there I ready to feel the warm water caress my tired and sore body (yes - stage posing will make you sore).

I turn on the water.

I step in.

And in an instant brown water is splashing EVERYWHERE!


The beautiful white cloth shower curtain is looking like something from a horror movie with rivers of brown and green liquid running down to the bathtub floor!

I try to stop it by shifting my body.

I try to redirect it by wiping it with my hands.

I shift the shower head to move the water to the side.

It’s all to no avail.

The shower curtain is ruined.

And I was slapped with a $75 cleaning/replacement fee.

Don’t make the same costly mistake I did. Get a super cheap plastic shower curtain and curtain rod clips from Amazon and put the darn thing up before it’s too late.

--TIP #2--
Wear Cotton Gloves. A LOT.

Okay we’re on the subject of spray tan again I know but really the spray tan is one of the most stressful parts of competing.

And why is that?

Well because how often do we get layers and layers of paint/dye hand-sprayed all over our nekked bodies?

Certainly in my conservative life that would be like… ummmm… NEVER.

And if you’re Casper-white like me (I have been affectionately referred to as “transparent”), it’s especially stressful simply due to the sheer volume of liquid needed to bring me to stage-ready color. I need extra drying time and extra awareness of my activities to ensure I don’t completely ruin my spray tan.

That’s because any place you have skin touching skin, you have a potential to create smudge and streaks.

For me, when that happens, I wind up looking something like a mutant zebra.

It’s awful.

It’s frustrating.

And it’s time consuming and stressful to get re-sprayed at the last minute just when you’re getting ready to get on stage.

Not fun at all.

Therefore, anything you can do to limit problems with your tan should be something to strongly consider.

Some time ago I learned a neat little trick that greatly reduced my tan streaking woes.

White cotton gloves.

One of the tanning companies I used recommended wearing those little puppies at night when sleeping to avoid that skin-on-skin problem as apparently when we sleep we subconsciously place our hands on our bodies.

But what I learned is to wear them as much as you can after you get your tan.

Do you look a little strange walking around with white gloves on?

Yeah, you will. (okay, I admit, I don’t wear the in PUBLIC)

But it’s worth a little awkwardness to save yourself a lot of potential stress with having to get your tan touched up at the least and at the worst completely resprayed the morning of your show.

--TIP #3--
When traveling with your prepared meals, use plastic!

Plastic bags that is. :)

When traveling to a show I turn from a normally quite low maintenance gal, into a high maintenance prima donna.

I seriously need 2 sherpas and a yak to haul all my competition prep crap. (bonus points if you know what movie “2 sherpas and a yak” is from) :)

Between all the makeup, shoes, extra clothing, spare sheets, towels, etc, I literally have two LARGE bags filled with stuff that I normally would not have with me when I travel.

So with luggage space and weight an issue, I look for ways to conserve.

One of the best space and weight-saving tips about my prepared meals that I picked up was to pack all of my meals in individual plastic freezer bags and use those “Hot and Cold” silver thermal bags for keeping food cold for hours. These are often found in grocery stores near camping items.

If you freeze your individual meals in the baggies, and then transport them in your luggage and your carry on bag WITHIN those “Hot and Cold” thermal bags, they will be plenty cold still when you get to your hotel room, where hopefully you have a fridge available.

I didn’t learn this one until just a couple of years ago and wish I had earlier.


There’s no need to haul around a hard-sided cooler with you when you do it this way.

No bulky, heavy cooler.
No mess because you dispose of the plastic bags when you’re done.
Nothing to bring back on the flight home. (bonus!)

Give it a try. I think you’ll love it as much as I do. :)

Okay - now it’s your turn!

If you have some little known tips to share that will make the bikini competition experience less stressful please be sure to include your comments below.

And as always, thank you so much for being part of the Figure & Bikini community. I LOVE my Sisters in Fitness.

With love,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

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