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Juicing for Weight Loss. Does it Work?

Juicing for Weight Loss. Does it Work?


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kristin shaffer juicing to lose weight

There are so many claims that juicing can help us to lose weight and get into amazing shape. Juicing recipes abound all over social media and the internet. But is it true?

Check out my latest video on juicing and juicing recipes that claim to help us to lose weight.

I cut through all the claims to help you decipher what is fact and what is fallacy.

And of course after you check out the video make sure to leave me your thoughts below as you know I absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

With love... your sister in fitness,


Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

Thank you. There's so much confusion on juicing. You had some pros and cons. There's a very popular person in my area (but she's nationwide) that has a smoothie/juicing/cleansing program. People seem to be losing tons of weight. Over 10 years ago, I juiced (using a juicer), and mainly walked as exercise. Lost several pounds, but as soon as I started eating regular food(s), the weight came back.

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