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Fiber - A Bikini Competitors Secret to Fast Fat Loss

Fiber - A Bikini Competitors Secret to Fast Fat Loss


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Lose weight with fiber

It's a closely guarded secret that bikini competitors shed fat faster by adding fibrous vegetables like asparagus to our meals. How does it work and how much should you add? Read on and watch the video to find out...

As I prepare to step on stage once again at the National level, I'm reminded of just how AMAZING the body is.

Give it the right fuel, with just moderate amounts of exercise, and the body responds incredibly.

I'm shedding fat like crazy and keeping my beautiful muscle at the same time.

I have energy and feel fantastic. As a matter of fact, I feel SO much better than I ever have eating processed foods. It truly is night and day.

And as I drop these fat pounds I'm also reminded of the magic of adding just once simple ingredient to my meals that makes a world of difference in the speed and ease of my fat loss.

But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... it's a closely guarded secret in the bikini competition industry. Don't tell anyone. ;) hehe

In today?s video I share it though. Check it out and let me know what you think.

With love ~Kristin

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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