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Natural vs Non-Natural Competitions

Natural vs Non-Natural Competitions


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What are natural competitions and how do they differ from competitions that don't advertise as natural?

When a competition is advertised as "natural", it means that the organizers will be performing random drug tests and polographs to help ensure the competitors are competing on an even playing field. The organizers will test for a number of performance enhancing drugs including steroids and human growth hormone.

If a competition or organization does not advertise as being "natural" it does not necessarily mean the competitors are using performance enhancing drugs. It simply means the organizational body not testing for the use of such drugs in that particular competition.

Now many of you may be wondering why we're talking about the use of steroids and human growth hormone on a women's fitness, figure, and bikini website. Well, while most of the women that participate in this wonderful sport don't partake in the use of any performance enhancing drugs, there are some that will. A few may find this as a quick fix for putting on muscle and reducing fat in a short period of time. While using these types of drugs obviously can give competitors an unfair advantage, the larger concern that we have here at is the health risks.

Women who abuse steroids can incur a number of unwanted side effects as well as long term potentially deadly health challenges. Undesired side effects include "Masculanization". This can consist of a deepening of the voice, breast size reduction, increased body hair, loss of scalp hair, increased dryness of skin, and enlargening of our... eh-hem... "private". (This is a family-friendly site so I will leave it at that!) :) The long term potentially deadly health effects include liver cancer and heart disease.

Human growth hormone can also cause its share of problems when abused. Carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling in the arms and legs, joint pain, and muscle pain to name a few. It may also contribute to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. For a great summary on HGH please see the Mayo Clinic's page: and for steroid effects see the National Institute on Drug Abuse site's page:

For a list of the competitive organizational bodies that host natural competitions as well as many resources on natural competing please see the link below.

Author: Kristin Shaffer

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