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Top 10 Things NOT to Forget for your First Competition

Top 10 Things NOT to Forget for your First Competition


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Oh that nerve wracking first competition. You've trained, dieted, sweat, cried, and groaned through months of preparation. Now the big day is here and you THINK you're prepared. Until... you forget something on the top 10 things NOT to forget on competition day!

#1 - Bikini Bite

Imagine walking out on stage that very first time. The lights are bright. You peer into the darkness of the audience to see that hundreds of faces are staring at you. You're nervous, but confident. You've worked hard, you've practiced, and you're ready! But then...
You feel it... the CREEP! Your suit bottom is slowly making it's way up into your... eh-hem. With every step you feel it move. Knowing there isn't a darn thing you can do about it your thoughts race. Your strides shorten. Your movements become stiff. Everything you do from here on out is for only one goal - stop... the... creep!

Don't let this happen to you. No matter how tight your truck is, creep is not flattering. Keep ample amounts of a wonderful little glue called Bikini Bite on hand at all times. This brilliant sticky concoction will keep everything right where you want it. Even if your suit designer tells you your suit will stay in place without it, don't risk it. Better safe than YouTube's latest million hit video for a not-so-flattering reason! :-o

#2 - Flip Flops

No tennis shoes here unless you want that beautiful tan to end at your ankles. Flat flip flops to stay comfortable and keep you evenly dark.

#3 - Two Set of Loose Sweats

It's remarkable how one minute you'll be hotter than a skillet and the next freezing your behind off. Having two sets of loose sweats on hand, one light and one heavy, will allow you to stay comfortable.

#4 - Your iPod

You'll be surprised to find there can be a whole lot of hurry-up-and-wait at these competitions. Once the competitors meeting has happened and everyone is getting ready for the pre-judging, there can be a lot of sitting around waiting for your group to be called. Having your ipod handy can be a welcome mini mental vacation.

#5 - Tan Touch Up

Whether you've had your tan professionally done or you've done it yourself, you'll want to have extra on hand for any touch-up's needed. Streaking can happen so you want to be prepared to smooth things out on the fly.

#6 - Food

You've been dieting so you're not at your highest energy level as it is. Add to that the stress of the competition and you may find yourself rather weak. Make sure to bring ample food to snack on throughout the day. Of course stick to the clean eating you've practiced all along. Save the sugary stuff for after the finals!

#7 - Water

Just as you're hungry, you'll be thirsty as well. It's important to stay hydrated as likely you won't even realize you're becoming dehydrated with all the excitement of the day. Pack a cooler with your food and water bottles.

#8 - Pocket Camera / Camera Phone

You'll see old friends and make new ones. Keep a pocket camera or your cell phone with you to take those candid shots with new friends. The day will go by fast. You want to catch those moments as they happen so you can reflect later on.

#9 - Business Cards

Along with meeting all sorts of new people there may be opportunities to work with photographers, fitness magazines, websites (hint, hint), and other professionals in the industry. Even if you aren't currently working in the fitness industry, you are now a "Professional Competitor" and should have a card reflecting your contact information just in case an opportunity crops up.

#10 - A Copy of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now"

Okay, maybe you don't need to bring this book with you but you DO need to remember to enjoy the moment. You'll likely find yourself caught up in thinking about the ultimate results of the competition rather than enjoying the day you worked so hard for. Relax, breathe, and be proud of yourself for making it. You did it!

Author: Kristin Shaffer

Member Comments

If I may add something... For those competing in an npc competition and are not yet members of the noc.... Remember cash to pay the fee! I forgot cash... Thankfully someone there spotted me the money; however, it was definitely unneeded stress

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