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From Flabby to Flexing!!! :D

From Flabby to Flexing!!! :D


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I owe my success to my son Josiah. Mommy loves you! You are truly the honey to my tea ;)

It wasn't until my son turned five months did I start to seriously think about my exercise. I weighed 168lbs and I'm pretty sure I could have filled a plethora of books with all my complaints! I didn't want to continue to use my pregnancy as an excuse for the weight gain.

It was around April 2008 when my life changed. I picked up Oxygen Magazine and was amazed by what I saw. There were strong, HEALTHY, beautiful women on these pages! And better yet, when I continued to read (and I read EVERY ONE OF THOSE PAGES) I loved how only the truth was being told.

There is no short cut, there is no magic. Diet and exercise is the ONLY RIGHT WAY to do it, and it is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

There you have it. My "Ah-ha moment".

So I did what most do, I copied. I did EXACTLY what each magazine said to do each month. I bought all the food that I needed to follow the meal plans, and did every single push-up, crunch, and bicep curl they recommended. Slowly I noticed changes..thanks to pictures, and started meeting small goals. For example, I had always wanted to do a pull up..and I did one!!! I think that was one of my happiest days ever! lol.

I would always flip to the back and read the results of the bodybuilding competitions. At first, I wanted to compete in the bikini division, as I thought there was absolutely NO way I would ever look like a figure competitor. I kept training, and even entered in an INBA 12-week Body Challenge Transformation Contest. I didn't win, but I did complete the contest and transformed my body. In doing so, I surpassed my goal and believed I could compete in the figure division.

I actually entered in a competition last minute, about three weeks to be exact, drove myself insane, and walked the stage! I left my first competition with my first win and a great experience. The rest is history!

I am now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Military Fitness Specialist and Group Exercise Instructor to the U.S Navy and U.S Air Force. I hope to inspire men and women to become better versions of themselves. To live healthy and happy lives, so they can pass the lifestyle to their children. If I can give one person what fitness has given me, it would mean the world! I am in better shape now, mentally and physically, than I was BEFORE I had my son!

My current goals are to have a great placing at my next competition, 2011 Team Universe. I also would LOVE to get my Ifbb ProCard, get my ProCard with the INBA as well, get sponsored by my FAVORITE supplement company (Gaspari Nutrition), land a spot on the Olympia stage, and grace the pages of some of my favorite fitness magazines (Oxygen, Flex, Muscle & Fitness Hers, IronMan, etc). If you hadnt noticed, I like to dream big. If you dont, whats the point??

Go Hard Or Go Home!!!! Aloha Ladies!

--To see more of my transformation, visit my BodySpace page on The link is below. :)


Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

Musclemama - I have no doubt you will get there! Your transformation is awe-inspiring. I love your zest and joy for life!

Awesome!!! Go get 'em girl!

Thanks for the inspiration!

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