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Stay Hard...Stay Home

Stay Hard...Stay Home


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There are tons of people who get sucked into the idea that you need a gym to get results. Well, those people are very wrong and I am here to show you why! Read along to see what helped me transform into a fitness diva! ;)

When I first started training, i was too afraid, quite honestly, to go inside the gym. I also didn't have my own vehicle at the time, so i was literally stuck at home to train-scared or not.

If you don't have alot of equipment, don't fret, because its at these times where you discover just how creative you are. I've used buckets filled with water for weights to "playing" with my son during lunges (when I lunged I would hold him out directly in front of me and when I stood up I would pull him close..he would crack up every time!)

It was one day when i was having one of my avid fitness research sessions did I come across a site that changed my home workouts indefinitely:



And I mean that in the most flattering way She has built a website (a pretty fancy one I might add) dedicated to home workouts. She even has information from nutrition to I said, pretty fancy.

There are TONS or workouts on the site, but my favorites are the challenges that she comes up with. You have to do them as fast as you can,using perfect form of course, and record your time. This is what really drew me in. I love competition, and even when I was competing against myself it became a goal to always beat my last time. If you like competing against others you can do that as well, as everyone from around the world posts their time!!

I still, to this very day, use her challenges for my cardio. Its something different, and something I enjoy doing. Even better, when I cant make it to the gym, I can do them at home while watching my son. Did I mention this site was awesome for mommies?? lol

There are workouts for cardio, butt, abs, legs, you name it! She has something for every one on there. If you record yourself doing it, she may even post it up on her site. So I dare ya, try it out. Compete in a new way...the BodyRock way!!! :D

(I attached her site. It is located at the bottom)

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

She is insane, but cute as a button, too. I have tried out some of her workouts and definitely learned some new moves for cardio circuit workouts!

I do bodyrock 2-3 times a week! It is a great way to get in shape and cut body fat at home. It gave me great results and made me look better than ever. It is also great when you do not have too much time as it can be done in as little as 12 minutes. I love BR! Creating my own workouts as well but love the inspiration and learned some cool new exercises.
--ms sunshine

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