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Embrace the Burn - Top Exercises for Legs & Glutes

Embrace the Burn - Top Exercises for Legs & Glutes


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After all the sweating, grunting, and teeth-clinching actions I performed in the gym today, someone came to me and asked me a question I hear all too often: "What do you do for your legs and butt?" In honor of my joyfully excruciating leg workout today, I will share this information. BEWARE: CONTENTS ARE NOT COMFORTABLE!!!

The Lower Body.

It makes up more than half of us, so it's not a surprise that women are obsessed with making it look perfect. From heels to cellulite cream, we are engrossed in having this large area of our body turn heads...for the right reason!

Below I listed some of my favorite exercises to tighten, tone, and shape your lower body.


I absolutely LOVE deadlifts. They work everything from your legs all the way up to your shoulders. Change your exercise from a regular deadlift to a straight leg and voila!-you have a hammie and glute targeting move. I always do the straight legged deadlifts on a step to get a deeper stretch.


Also an AWESOME hammie move. This is more isolated, focusing directly on the hamstrings. Point your toes instead of flexing your feet and you will get a little more isolation going on. When I do this exercise, I usually do drop sets...and yes, it makes me tear up every time. That's a good thing by the


Another gym favorite of mine. Choose a wide stance and target the back of the legs. Choose a close stance and target the quads. I always squat butt-to-ankles..its the only way to go!!


I dont care how long you have been training, or how great of a shape you may be in. LUNGES SUCK. PERIOD.
BUT THEY WORK WONDERS! Lunges are awesome for the glutes and the hamstrings, but they throw in the quads too, so its a total lower body move. You can do these with a barbell or dumbbells.


Ahh yes. The tried-and-true-make-a-booty exercise! Strap on some ankle weight and get to kickin if you dont have a donkey kick machine at your gym. If you dont have ankle weights, another effective alternative is the Kneeling Glute Cable Kickback. (You kneel on a bench and kickback your leg, which is attached to the cable on an ankle strap).


These have given me the most results, but I still do the standing calve raises and seated calve raises. If you dont have a machine available, you can do it the old school way- ask your friend to sit on your back. Make sure you work your calves in three ways- toes pointed out (works the inside of the calve), toes pointed forward (works the main calve), toes pointed inward (works outside calves).

So there you have it ladies, my favorite lower body building moves in the gym. I do alot of other things, but those exercise remain in my training program at all time. They are my lower body "staple" moves. Try them out, dont be afraid to go heavy (safely)...if it aint burnin', it aint workin!!!! GO HARD OR GO HOME LADIES!!! ALOHA!!


Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

Lexi this is a wonderful article! One question... Glutes seem to be the trouble spot for many women. Out of all the exercises you have mentioned here, what would your recommendation be for someone who wants that lift and tone in the derriere? :)

Hey there Fabeditor! Sorry about the late response. I hadn't realized a comment was left on the article. I will definitely start checking more often! :D

As far as lifting and toning that booty, I would recommend Donkey Kicks. WEIGHTED Donkey Kicks. See if you can get your hands on some 10lb ankle weights & then double up on one leg (to make 20lbs). The heavier the better :) You can super set it with the glute machine...or lunges!!

Thanks Lexi! I'll give that a try!

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