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Exposure: Fitness Modeling

Exposure: Fitness Modeling


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So you trained your hardest, stuck to the diet, posed your heart out at your show and now you're ready to start taking some pictures. Here are some tips to help you along the way.


I can't stress this enough. Photographers, good ones anywa, are serious aout their work. I dont mean to sound vain, but you can shoot fitness if you don't look good enough. They will simply not work with you.


A pretty face and bangin physique is awesome, but you have to have that extra spice to get the brownie points. The more prominent you are, the less you will get refused, thus leading to your success in the industry.


How many of us have seen old pictures of celebrities when they were doing some absurd action that wouldnt make their mothers smile? Pictures last forever, and they will follow you, especially if you go get them professionally taken. Don't get sucked into the raunchy phitography to turn more heads. If you're going to go nude, then think artistic. You will be glad you did later. So choose your photographers carefully.


Photographers don't mind giving direction, and you WANT a photographer who will give you some. After all, you can't see what he is seeing through the lens. However, it is your responsibility as a model to come with some knowledge of what you're going to do. Just as you practice your stage presence, you need to practice your poses and facial expressions even. We all do it anyway, so be serious about it and get in front of that mirror!!!


If you are unsure about exactly what you want to do, but have an idea of what direction you need to look into, the photographer will be ecstatic. Look up your favorite competitior and see what types of shoots they have done. For example, I LOVE the way the women in FLEX Magazine look, and one day I hope to be in there. I took a magazine with mento my shoot, brought a wicked outfit and we started to exchange ideas. One of those pics are attached.


No one will no you are even slightly interested in modeling if you don't tell them. YOU have to open the door, they don't open it for you. Register with model sites and post your pictures. If you don't have any professional pictures to post on your profile, then take some good headshots and physique shots with your camera. Someone will contact you and soon enough all that can be replaced with the professional shots.


They are free shoots that both the model and photographer agree on. The pictures are free, and both the model and photographer keep the photos. The photos that you recieve are usually raw, untouched photos, but for a small fee you could get them touched up. It's free, it helps expand your portfolio and everyone benefits.

Here are some model sites that have helped me get exposure:

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

Member Comments

Hey girl! Thanks so much for writing this article! I signed up on Model Mayhem and booked a gig within an HOUR! Xoxo

Curious? how do you weed out the creepers on the modeling sites? I've wanted to post some pics on one but i've been a little worried about it for safety reasons. any ideas?

That's a great question about "creepers". Personally I'm very wary of the modeling sites. I know some have had good success from them, but I would bet that's more of the exception. I'm a big proponent of still targeting the companies directly or through a reputable agency.

Contact the companies directly in a highly professional manner. Give them the short 2 paragraphs of what you can do for them (not what they can do for you) and why they would want your services (i.e. modeling, articles, booth rep, etc.). Then follow up in a few weeks to a couple of months. Then follow up again. And again.

Always maintain your professionalism and be ready for many "no's". If you do get a "yes" and do a job for a great company, always remember to thank everyone you come in contact with and show how you can help to promote them. You would be amazed how few gals do this, so you'll automatically stand out just because of that alone.

Hope that helps!


That does help thankyou!!! one more question though...I live in oklahoma so it's hard to find a good modeling agency that's not a scam. Should I contact out of state companies?

Whatever the venue you're interested in, whether it be print, online, etc., I would contact the magazine, website, or supplement company to find out who they use for agencies if they use them at all. Persistence is the key here. You'll have to do your pushups (no pun) to find the right contacts.

I signed up for Model Mayhem. Seems like a great site. Has anyone out there had any issues with weird photographers on there? I know I need to be thankful for being able to get a free portfolio together, but how do you weed out the non reputable ones on these sites? Thanks again for the pointers in the right direction!

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