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Straps, Ropes, and Sleds - Oh My!

Straps, Ropes, and Sleds - Oh My!


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So we already know there are tons of different ways you can get the results you want for you physique, but have you tried this lately?????

First off, let me define those words in the title:

Straps: TRX
Ropes: Undulation Ropes
Sleds: Power Sled

These three pieces of equipment are simple, but provide an INTENSE workout. If you use all three in one workout...well..let me just say that you may want to have a bucket near


A workout in a bag! Designed by a Navy Seal, it is a total-body resistance training system method using leveraged body weight exercises. It can increase power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and core stability. Individuals at any fitness level can train with the TRX. I attached a video of myself going through a few core exercises. It is my favorite piece of equipment to train those abs. There is absolutely NOTHING like doing a suspended crunch!
-Website with more info:


Two words: Big Ropes. Please believe though, it isn't as simple as saying those two words! Designed by a personal trainer and a physical therapist to give an effective workout that required no gym. Ropes are so effective because your body has more energy output by recruiting core stabilizers and your larger lower body muscles to assist when you're banging those ropes around. When I did a couple of rounds, it got my heart rate up as if I were doing sprints! Its INSANE!!!
-Website with more info:

Power Sled

Used ALOT in sports training, power sleding is awesome for developing speed, power, strength, endurance, acceleration, and conditioning. You can pile some 45lb weights on, strap on a harness and pull or you can push. This is awesome for legs!

--An added plus: They all take up absolutely NO ROOM.

Here is a sample of my workout with all three pieces of equipment:

* 3x12 TRX Suspended Crunches
* 2 minutes of burpee to 10 small undulations
* 3x12 TRX Suspended Pikes
* 2 minutes of burpee to 10 large undulations
* 70lbs Sled Pull (with harness strap) lunges across football field and sprint back
* 1 minute Suspended Mountain Climbers
* 30 seconds 45 degree undulation rope waves
* 1 minute TRX suspended Leg Crossovers (30 sec each leg)
* 80lbs Sled Pull Side Lunge 1/2 football field, turn around to side lunge on the opposite side, and sprint back
* 45lbs Sled Pull Sprint

This is fast, but crazy intense! I absolutely LOVE working with this equipment. It definitely puts fun back into cardio!

Author: Alphradezsa Lezama

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