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How I Transformed From Mopey, Middle-Aged, Muffin-Top Mom to Vivacious Figure Competitor!

How I Transformed From Mopey, Middle-Aged, Muffin-Top Mom to Vivacious Figure Competitor!


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My total transformation was defined less by the external changes I experienced, and more by what happened on the inside.

One day, not too long ago, my plump rump was settled into its groove on the sofa cushion in front of another Tivo’d Grey’s Anatomy. I found myself crying into my ice cream bowl, wishing and hoping for a way out of my misery.

Objectively, I had nothing to feel miserable about. I had a happy childhood, went to a good school, married my college sweetheart, had two great kids, was successfully self-employed, and owned a host of material goods.

But despite all the blessings in my life, I still felt that I just…sucked. I was anxious, tired, and irritable. I felt frustrated and disappointed in myself. I lacked self-confidence.

To make myself feel better, I ate.

For 30 years, I was stuck in the feel bad – binge – feel bad cycle that regrettably overshadowed all the good things in my life. I was frustrated that, despite going to the gym regularly four to five times a week, I was stuck battling the same 10 to 15 pounds over and over.

I am driven to share with as many people as possible what happened after that night on the couch, when I reached my emotional bottom.

I achieved a stunning physical transformation. I won a 12-week transformation contest and was on top of the world! I determined to take my physique to the next level, and trained for my first figure competition. I did not place, but I was proud to have gotten in the best shape of my life. I dedicated the next year to building my physique in order to be more competitive on the figure stage. At my second contest 12 months later, I earned two trophies – 5th place in Figure Class A and 2nd Place in Figure Masters. I am back in the gym now, preparing for a show in fall 2011. I am going to bring an even better package and earn a first place trophy!

So how did I do it? How did I transform my body from Pilsbury doughgirl to lean, athletic and muscular? Well I trained hard and watched what I ate. If one wants to improve her physical appearance and health, that's really all there is to it. Eat less and move more.

When people ask me the secret to my success, I am loathe to provide the details of my daily nutrition or the number of sets and reps I do in the gym. We are overburdened with diet and exercise information. No, the key is to be able to behave like a fit, healthy, athletic person 90% of the time – day in and day out, over weeks, months and years. To have a fit physique, we must act like a fit person during the holiday season, on vacation, when we have a deadline at work, when our kid is sick, when we are fighting with our significant other, when the car breaks down, when we are moving house, when we are getting over a break-up, when there is a blizzard out, when there is a power outage, when someone is in the hospital, and when we just plain don't feel like it.

And there's no "perfect" diet and exercise program for that.

Further, I am not motivated to keep at it because of the promise of rock hard glutes or six-pack abs. No, along my transformation journey I learned that melting off unwanted fat for good was only the tip of the transformation iceberg.

The reasons I stick with this new lifestyle are these:

My self-confidence has shot through the roof. I believe in myself and feel utterly unstoppable. I can accomplish anything I want!

I am mentally and physically strong. Bring it on.

I experience moments of pure joy on a daily basis. For no particular reason.

I am no longer wishing and hoping. I am living the life of my dreams and I am content.

My overall mood has changed from “I suck.” to “I Rock.”

Author: Elaine Morales

Member Comments

LOVE your story!!! It sounds quite familiar :) And you do, totally ROCK!!

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