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A Great Exercise for Building that Quad Sweep

A Great Exercise for Building that Quad Sweep


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Work out at home? Looking for a new leg challenge? Check out the Quad Blaster!

I love my Quad Blaster. The name sounds threatening, but if you are interested in developing stronger legs, believe me – the Quad Blaster is your friend.

On the surface, this contraption doesn’t look like much. It is a wooden board with a couple of straps attached. Do not be fooled. The Quad Blaster isolates and challenges the quadriceps in a way that endless leg extensions cannot.

It is a perfect substitute for those who are unable to perform barbell squats because of physical limitations such as low back pain or injury. It is also easy to add resistance by picking up a dumbbell or a barbell plate. This will challenge your legs without stressing the lower back.

I also highly recommend the Quad Blaster to those who primarily work out at home. Not many of us have the budget or space to fit a full squat rack in our house, and gosh I cannot even imagine what is involved in moving and setting up a full cage indoors.

The Quad Blaster is portable and can easily be moved around and stored in a closet when not in use. And it is cost-efficient. You can purchase a fully assembled Quad Blaster for just over $200. No additional equipment (barbell, weights, bench) is needed. The some assembly required kit is half that price and you can even purchase the plans to build your own Quad Blaster for just $39.95!

Finally, having a Quad Blaster at home means I have no excuses for skipping a leg workout. Even though I also have a gym membership, having some core equipment at home means that no northeastern blizzard, sick kid, late night, nor weekend-long youth soccer tournament can deter me from my scheduled training.

The Quad Blaster was invented by Carlos DeJesus, a lifetime natural world champion bodybuilder with more than 30 titles to his name...and a certified Medical Exercise Therapist. For more info, check out:

Author: Elaine Morales

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