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Yes You Can

Yes You Can


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The truth behind almost every fitness competitors past.

Never did I think in a million years would I be stepping on stage in next to nothing showing of the body I have now turned into a work of art.

I was always extremely active growing up as a kid playing on every sports team competitively from age 6 to 18. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, badminton, karate- I am pretty sure if you named it I played it. I won many awards growing up playing sports during my childhood and teen years. Muscle was never an issue for me playing all these sports it was the whole "lean" process that I struggled with. I did not realize what things we eat can do to our bodies, that everything we take in will effect us. That extra fat on the bottom of your lower stomach, that cellulite on your butt and those triceps that just won't seem to tighten up.

It was my first year of University that I got a HUGE reality check. I had to live on my own and fend for myself when it came to food, laundry and dishes. I mostly ate in the University cafeteria but my choices were not always the wisest. It was first year of University so the parties and alcohol intake was not excessive but not something my body enjoyed. What was called the freshman 15- that haunted my body first year especially since I stopped playing sports in order to have full focus in my first year at school.

After gaining all this weight I was fed up and I missed playing sports my true passion. I started playing volleyball again on the university volleyball team which was the start of my path to a more successful and healthy lifestyle. I had this drive on me for more this was not enough so I decided to complete my personal training certificate. Still pondering for an idea to really push myself to an entirely new level. FITNESS COMPETITIONS! I decided to take on the commitment to get my body in the best shape possible while also competing. Anyone who knows me, knows that my whole life I have been a HUGE competitor so this was PERFECT.

It only took 4 months of hard work and strict healthy dieting to really master the art of a fit and healthy body and I felt AMAZING. Hard work had never paid off so much in my life. What people need to realize is ANYONE can do this- absolutely ANYONE!! I was just your average sports girl who decided to make a change for the best and that I did. I now compete in numerous competitions yearly and maintain an active, fit and healthy life.

Do not get me wrong I am just your average everyday girl I love to indulge in sweets and carbs just like YOU do. I chose to indulge in moderation now which quite honestly is enough when you get your body to such a great state.

Originally 152Ibs before I began and now I sit at 133-138 Off Season and 123-126 On Season. I am not a miracle, I am not superwoman, I am a normal everyday girl who just made that change.


Author: Caitlin Cooke

Member Comments

It's not how you start BUT how you finish.... I started whn I was 40... on my 40th BB I stepped on stage..:).. great job Caitlin, great job and well done!!!! xoxox Bee


Thanks so much for this inspirational story!


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