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A Winning Mindset!

A Winning Mindset!


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Congratulations! You have decided to enter your first figure or bikini competition. Sure, getting up there is an accomplishment in itself. But really, don't we all want to win? Having the right mindset is as important as having an effective training and nutrition plan.

You have the chance to experience that awesome feeling of being a champion at something, achieving a goal, and earning a top prize! If you give it your all, the worst that could happen is that you end up in the best shape of your life!

However, entering a contest is only effective as a motivator actually give it 100% it. I mean, as opposed to just saying you are doing it, and then going through the motions. Put your heart into it and you can win that thing.

Here are some tips and suggestions for developing a champion mindset:

1. Embrace the fact that transforming your body to win a figure or bikini contest is uncomfortable. Not just physically taxing, but mentally challenging. Be willing to GO THERE. Every Day.

2. If you have entered a competition, then BE A COMPETITOR. With every meal you prepare, every urge to eat compulsively, every time you enter the gym and lace up your tennies, think - there's someone out there who is 100% compliant and giving 110% intensity every single day. I HAVE to work harder to beat them.

3. The winner of this contest wants to win really, really badly. Are you that person?

4. If you REALLY want to win, you had better start BELIEVING you will win right now. Believing, really believing, that you will win won't guarantee a top spot in the competition, but not believing it WILL guarantee that you won't.

5. If your stated intention and heartfelt desire is to come out on top, then you must make every day count. There are no do-overs, no start-again-on-Mondays, no Iíll-make-up-for-it-with-a-double-workout-tomorrow. Make no excuses. Tell yourself that you will accept nothing less than exceptional effort. Half-assed might get you moderate results. Thatís OK. But if you truly want to realize your true physical potential, then you have to be unrelenting. Take no prisoners. See #1.

If you keep these five tips in mind Ė review them every day when you wake up and again before you go to bed Ė there is a good chance you will be astonished by what you are able to accomplish during your contest preparation. This experience could change the course of your life.

Author: Elaine Morales

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