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Competition Tips Topics

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asf (0 posts)

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Coach vs Personal Trainer? (0 posts)

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competing with cellulite (4 posts)

To get a coach or do it alone? (11 posts)

1st competition how to be better for next? (2 posts)

1st competition how to be better for next? (0 posts)

What to do if I start my menstrual cycle 2 days before competition? (0 posts)

Creatine Use 6 weeks Out (2 posts)

Feeling tired (2 posts)

Feeling tired (0 posts)

After the First Competition: My Experience...Thoughts? (3 posts)

Bikini Suits (8 posts)

Scars the Bikini Won't Cover (12 posts)

Makeup Color?? (8 posts)

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different divisions and shows? (1 posts)

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New and Needing Advice (22 posts)

Shoes!? (7 posts)

New and Needing Guidance! (2 posts)

Not using a coach for figure competition (6 posts)

Journey to Stage First Time (26 posts)

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Anyone know of a reputable quality affordable bikini merchant in Fort Lauderdale? (1 posts)

An 'alternative' look. Tone it down? (5 posts)

Anybody familiar with NANBF organization? (3 posts)

Posing Oil (1 posts)

The Heels (11 posts)

Bikini off season (0 posts)

Foundation for Liquidsunrayz (8 posts)

Tanning Question (7 posts)

Sick before a show (1 posts)

Cardio Exercise Curiosity! (4 posts)

Tanning (2 posts)

Acrylic or Press on Nails (2 posts)

When to style hair (7 posts)

Stage Fright! (4 posts)

Staying "fresh" after spray tan. (1 posts)

T.O.M and competing (1 posts)

Figure Posing (2 posts)

Food Intolerance (5 posts)

Anyone ever get sick weeks out from your show? (3 posts)


BIKINI BITE?? (15 posts)

Over 40? (12 posts)

Diet and training after a competition (12 posts)

Novice vs Open? (7 posts)

Re-selling Suits? (2 posts)

Hair extensions or not? (5 posts)

Bikini Posing (9 posts)

Posing Practice in Competition Heels?? (6 posts)

Flabby butt - Muscular back (2 posts)

Trainers (10 posts)

Suits (7 posts)

16 weeks out... too early? (8 posts)

What do you eat on competition day? (6 posts)

Post Competition (8 posts)

How does your circuit training look like the last week before the competion? (2 posts)

Diet and exercise before your 12 week program (11 posts)

New to Competing Looking for Advice (10 posts)

Would you borrow your bikini? (3 posts)

6 Weeks Out (7 posts)

Getting thru Competition Prep is like... (1 posts)

Waist cinchers?? (10 posts)

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OMG MY BACK!!! (5 posts)

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UGHHH--- Fat Booty! (25 posts)

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Show Day Packing List (11 posts)

Stretch Marks (8 posts)

Supplements (4 posts)

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