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Posted by ChristineH

I was wondering, does everyone use bikini bite? I have heard mixed reviews about it. some girls said they used elmers glue or some other glue from a hardware store... i dont want to ruin my suit!

Posted by pilatesmom83

I would love to hear some replies on this as well. I even read about using toupee glue... and do you really need to use anything?Thanks

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

I've used it for every competition and love it. I never had any issues. I would highly recommend using something as the suits can and will move. There are so many things you'll be thinking about when on stage. By having your suit glued in place it's one less worry. :)

With love,

Posted by akviv

I always use bikini bite. Very easy on the suit and your skin and it does hold, but it feels like sometimes it won't. I saw someone at my last show and her top came up her boob as she did her routine. I felt so bad for her but it would have not happened with bikini bite holding her top in place. The sad thing is it was very obvious and will be seen in pics and dvd's.

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

Bikini Bite is a LIFE SAVER- it is sweat proof, water proof, and i have never had any issue with it staying! I am a figure and fitness competitor, so even with flipping around and stuff, the suit and costumes held perfectly!

In fact, i use it in my regular life too---- strapless dresses, etc!

its definitely a must have in my opinion!

Posted by pilatesmom83

Do you use the spray or the roll? Thanks

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

I use the roll.... I like to control the exact area it gets onto that way when I put my robe back on, for example, i don't risk it sticking to my body in the event the spray somehow snuck onto an exposed part of my skin :)

good luck to you! when is your show!?

Posted by pilatesmom83

Hi Sarah, Thanks so much!! My show isn't until May and I am still in the 'bulking' part of my diet plan and training. I am working with a coach. I am just always looking ahead. I already have a pair of shoes and I am practicing posing too. Any other advice I would really love. I noticed you mentioned a robe. I was thinking of a hoodie, sweats, and flip flops.. is it better to get a bathrobe? Thanks

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

To be honest, I would say- get WHATEVER you feel most comfortable in. My first show, I wore sweats and a hoodie... but I have to be honest, it was SO hot backstage that I started to sweat just a little, and I was worried about ruining my tan. SO, I ended up having to sit around in my suit... which just isn't my preference. I like the robe- easy on, easy off, nice and cool... and i always bring a blanket now

Aside from that- some advice... hmmm- do EXACTLY what your coach tells you. If you're not sure, ASK. Practice (as you are) but be careful wearing your shoes too much. Maybe its just my personal experience but my first pair stretched so much from me wearing them that when I wore them at the show, they felt a little too big.

What division are you competing in? How exciting!!!!!!

If you have any other questions- don't hesitate ;)

Posted by pilatesmom83

Great advice!!! I will bring sweats and a hoodie to wear out after the show and then if I get cold I could use them as an alternative too. I plan to compete in Figure Masters since I am 43. My body shape (that is my most recent pic from 2 weeks ago) may be more in line for Bikini but I am working hard to build my deltoids for Figure. My coach thinks I will b there! Thanks for much for all of your advice. I am so excited :-)

Posted by akviv

I use a roll on also. I do like satin like robes for back stage. I think the one I have it a tad too short, I would prefer down to the calves. Masters competition is a challenge, I find. You get all sorts in the overall but the masters don't seem to mess around, no wiggle room. I like the E cup as they have many master divisions, 35, 45, 50. If you are worried about stretching out your shoes, get a 2nd pair. I am anal, I always bring 2 of everything to the competition. That way you can practice all you like. Stage presents is so important imo.

Posted by pilatesmom83

Would you please explain a bit more about Masters? Is that harder than 'open'. I could also compete in 'novice' as well. I would love more advice on this. Would Satin robe make my hair static though? Thanks so much. Things I didn't even think of but happy I have until May to really plan this out

Posted by akviv

I have so much goop in my hair, I don't need to worry about static. Didnt think of that but I see lots of ladies with the silky type robes. I just seems gentle on the tan. Masters is an age division. You have to be 35 for masters. You can also do open. It just seems to me that at 35, it is like prime time for shows. Late enough for muscle memory to kick in and the tight muscles show up, young enough where you aren't dealing with menopause loss of skin elasticity. Older women doesn't mean easier competition, I find that they are very serious, not just a whim type of thing. In open, I see there is a wide range of shapes, from very serious competition to others that most master competitors could smoke. Of course this is just my opinion. I switched from figure to phyique my last competition and the tough part of that was standing next to something 20 or 30 something. My muscles were nice, but the skin elasticity was lacking. There wasn't a masters for wp. All the rest of comp I have done, was figure, mostly in my age group, but a few times I did the open just for fun, which is very important to me, the fun factor. Lots of work and money go into this so I might as well enjoy it.

Posted by pilatesmom83

I am 43 and planning to compete in Masters and maybe Novice.. but I do want Masters. I will buy a satin robe too :-) Thanks! Any other advice I would love.. like for example my hair is very fine with a tendency to frizz. My husband, who normally loves long hair, told me that on me he thinks a sexy edgy bob would look great and stand out in a sea of hair extensions... what do you think? of course posing posing and more posing is the REAL thing to think about , I know that ;-) Love to hear advice from you ladies. I want this to be more than just a one time event.. I want to keep competing. and of course have fun too

Kim Sawyer Posted by KimSawyer

I have not yet tried bikini bite, though mostly prefer to apply sunscreen or my suitable lotion ie. pro tan roll on, for the protection of the skin.