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Posted by pilatesmom83

Hi Ladies,
I was told that a show I plan to do will have spray tanning the morning of the show but not the night before. I live close enough to drive so I planned to spend the morning doing my hair and makeup at home... is it better for me to do the JanTana at some the night before or get the spray tan the morning of the show and do my makeup there? This is my first time... thanks :-)

Joan Smith Posted by jcsmitty2

I'd love to hear the answer to this one myself. Sorry I can't answer (I'm training for my first figure).

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

I wish I could answer that one as well. Have always gotten mine done the night before. Sorry. :(

Joan Smith Posted by jcsmitty2

Hi Kristin & pilates mom: When I observed a show in in September, I spoke to one of the vendors and they got to talking about tanning. I know this isn't related, but I saw several competitors (especially the guys) getting their tans on the spot.

My concern would be that how do I know on the day of the show IF the onsite professional tanner's tanning products are going to really bring out my tan?

Me personally, even though I've never tanned before (let alone done my first show--in training), would be a little nervous about putting mine on the night before.

If you forward me your email address, I can send you a link from the NGA Commissioner's website in my area where he devotes an entire page on his site on tanning tips.

My email is: :-) I hope someone out there is able to answer your question.

Posted by Girlea

I would highly recommend getting a light coat the night before so it has a chance to soak in and get dark. The following morning I would then go back for a second coat and touch ups from sleeping through the night (make sure you use sheets that you don't mind getting stained - but usually the color washes right out in the laundry). Get the second coat at least 5 hours before you will be on stage so it has plenty of time to dry. Be very careful around water and wear loose clothing so it doesn't come off.

I usually get ready naked after my second coat so that it gets plenty dry and I don't rub it off on my cloths. You want to be super dark because the stage lights will wash you out if you're not and your lines/muscles won't pop. Don't use any other lotions, perfume or deodorant prior to or after tanning...yes you will stink, but so will everyone else that is tanned and competing (it's part of the sport).

I hope that is helpful.

Dawn Fernandez
IFBB Figure Pro

Mendy Roberts Posted by mendyroberts

I read somewhere that you need to shave your entire body (including arms) for a spray tan - is this necessary? I really don't want to shave my arms...

Posted by Bikinigurl

@mendyroberts: Yes, its absolutely necessary to get rid of all body hair! Not only will you need it for your tanning, but you'll look so much better on stage as well!
I'll strongly recommend you to get waxed instead of shaving. It can be done several days in front om competition day, typically 4-5 days.