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Forum > Competition Tips > How do you pull water before a competition?

Member Posts in How do you pull water before a competition?

Mylene Biddle Posted by mylene

Do you use a diuretic pill/teas/etc.? When do you start manipulating sodium intake and water consumption?

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Great question! Personally I didn't use any pills or teas. Pills actually scare the heck out of me. I just drank a lot of water right up to competition time and that seemed to do the trick. But, and this is a biggie, I actually wanted to retain a little more water to smooth me out a bit. I tend to come in a little too lean for a figure / bikini competition.

I'm interested to hear what others have to say on this one!

Kim Schaefer Posted by Kim Schaefer

I never manipulate sodium intake but water consumption will go up on the Monday and Tuesday before a Saturday competition and will begin to decrease on Wednesday and by Friday evening after 6:00pm just sips of water. I usually use 1500mg of Dandelion root and B6 sometime Friday through Saturday. It changes for every contest.

Kyra  Williams Posted by The Get In Shape Gir

I have my first photoshoot next Tuesday. i pulled water down from a gallon plus to a half gallon 3 days out from my competition. Now, I know in a shoot I dont want to look far from my normal self, but I also wanna look lean.

What do you girls think about pulling water a couple of days before my photo shoot?

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

A week out, I switch to distiller water and increase my intake to 2 gallons. 5 days out, I reduce to 1 gallon, and then it gradually decreases from there. I cut water 18 hours before my show.

I am doing a second show in October and am thinking about trying something different this time around, so I am eager to hear what everyone has to say!

Kyra  Williams Posted by The Get In Shape Gir

I ended up just cutting water intake to half gallon the day before (mostly in the morning) and drank a huge glass of red wine that night. then the next morning i just sipped. I think it did the trick since it was for a photoshoot rather than a comp. i still wanted to look like myself... the day i competed i was so dehydrated i dont think it looked good.

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

I totally agree.... Smetimes people get the "sunken" look... At lease that is what I call it. I am grateful that I didn't look too dry on the day of my show. I forgot to mention... I tried a all natural, over the counter water pill called water out. Not sure if that did the trick or if it was a combination, but I'd most likely use it agin

Angel Kolb Posted by ajkolb

Are you gals figure or bikini? Do 'bikinis'I pull water before a competition? Im in training now for my first show.

Kyra  Williams Posted by The Get In Shape Gir

Bikini - And I pulled to a half gallon each day, 3 days out. and day of, i sipped. i think that was the worst part!!! i was cramping like a mofo before i walked on stage.

Angel Kolb Posted by ajkolb

Do you recommend it? I have a trainer also, but I haven't talked with her yet regarding this topic.

Kyra  Williams Posted by The Get In Shape Gir

She'll let you know what you need to do.

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger I saw this article on Facebook a while back and bookmarked it. I'm going to try it for my show on the 24th. If it works I'll use it again for the Oct 8th show, if not I'll have to try something else. It looks good though. I'll let ya know!

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger

BTW, I don't know how to post a link so you can just click on it. But if you copy and paste it into your browser, it will take you to the article. (Copy from "http" all the way to the end of the work "face".)

Kyra  Williams Posted by The Get In Shape Gir

Hey, i'm doing a teleseminar on monday at 730 with a figure coach. we're gonna be talking about diet, fitness & prep for the show. go to to sign up for the call & you can email in from there, what your questions are - i'm gonna take 4 questions from callers!!

Posted by ChristineH

So I have been doing some research on cutting water for Bikini shows. i feel i hold water in my tummy and i want my abs to come through so i would like to try this. i see all the girls have done something different. Can anyone give me a recommendation? My show is a Friday evening and its my first... Thanks!

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

The best thing I have found is to make sure you're drinking lots of water in order to flush fluid out of your system. It sounds counter intuitive but it works.