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Forum > Diet > Protein Bars - Which ones don't give you... eh-hem... gas?

Member Posts in Protein Bars - Which ones don't give you... eh-hem... gas?

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Many of the commercially offered protein bars are notorious for making competitors bloat and give them gas. What are you recommendations for protein bars that don't have this very unbecoming side effect?

Kim Schaefer Posted by Kim Schaefer

What seems to be the culprit for bloating and gas is the amount of sugar alcohols. The bar I have found that does not bloat me is the Power Crunch bar. It does have real sugar in it so I just try and stay away from bars.

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

I was afraid of that. Has anyone tried the QuestBar? I found that one online. The company claims no sugar alcohols.

Kim Schaefer Posted by Kim Schaefer

I will have to check into that one.

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

PowerBar doesn't bother my stomach at ALL, and they have great flavor!

While were on this topic... how about a protein that doesn't bother your stomach?? Anyone have a good one to suggest?

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger

Quest Bars are my absolute favorite! Low carb, high fiber (which you would think would give you the intestinal fortitude, but it doesn't), and high protein. Moderate fat, but I'm on a high fat diet so it's perfect. You can only get them online, but shipping is way cheap, and they taste sooooo good.

Rachel A Posted by rachel2314

Hi ladies, I've been enjoying the Quest Bars (original Line), but just noticed that they also have an
"all natural" line. The all natural line uses stevia, the original uses sucralose. Wondering which one would be better, or if there really is little difference other than taste?

Posted by cm8129

Quest Bars all the way!!! I like the all natural line, but the chocolate brownie from the orginal line is bar far my favorite:)