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Member Posts in Macro split for diet

Brittnay Duperon Posted by brittnay

Hi ladies, I'm curious to know you all use for a macronutrient split when you are dieting, based on your body type. (ex: 40/40/20, 50/30/20, ect)

Samantha Sullivan-Vogt Posted by samsvogt

I'm currently 9 weeks out from my first show (bikini) and I'm doing 40/35/25. My body seems to respond well to a little more healthy fats!

Sandee Scyoc Posted by scyocsd

I too am 9.5 weeks out from my first bikini show and am on 40/35/25.

Posted by Becky

7.5 weeks out and on 40/40/20. Seems to be going well :)

Angela Johnson Posted by Ange_christine

6 weeks out and I am trying to keep it dialed in to about 40/40/20. My fat sometimes goes between 20-25.

Posted by Nickstrr

I'm working on rebuilding my metabolism before I pick a show, so right now I'm doing a 40/40/20 getting myself off a carb cycle and adding in some carbs slow as I add cals