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Constance Hargrave Posted by ConstanceH11

Hey out there! Im new on this site (clearly) and I joined in hopes to get advice/inspiration/motivation to get in the best shape of my life. I have always been cocompletely crazy about the womens body building world, particularly the fitness and bikini side of it. I know I have such a long way before I could even think about competition but you have to start some where! I'm finally at a place in my life where I can concentrate more on my health and work on being happy on my physical appearance. Thanks for reading this long post! I hope yall have a great week!

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Welcome to Figure & Bikini Constance! SO happy to have you here. How wonderful that you're in a place in your life where you can focus on YOU. Doing so changes EVERYTHING about life. Self esteem rises, relationships get better, and even our work or school gets better. It's a beautiful thing. :)

I look forward to hearing about your journey and if you need support we're here.

With love,


Posted by JPearson

I am also new to the site. I am search of as much help and inspiration as I can possibly get. I used to workout and 5 days a week and was in pretty decent shape. I was the weight I wanted to be and in the size clothes I wanted to be. And while I was toned there was room for improvement. Then the company I worked for closed and I could no longer afford the gym. So, for the past three years I have be unemployeed and out of shape!!! Now I have a job and have started back at the gym but I need help. I have no patience with myself and I'm having a aggrivating time getting back on track. Finding what works for me is not being very easy. I'm working in a different city and there is only one gym there and it just doesn't offer what my previous gym did. Any suggestions? Help? Would love some more details on your prepare a weeks food in two hours; recipes. HELP!

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Welcome to Figure & Bikini! :)

I sent you the information for the "Meals for Fat Loss" video. That shows all the details for a typical day in a calorie deficit for me. I hope you find value in that.

As far gyms are concerned, the good news is that it doesn't take much to get a great workout. Even a cheap dumbbell and bench set on craigslist can suffice. So if I were you I wouldn't rule out the idea of having a home setup to get your workouts in.

I can completely relate to not having patience. It's difficult at times to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak. This is especially true with weight loss since the daily changes are so minute that we typically don't see them ourselves since we're looking at ourselves in the mirror every day.

That's why I'm a HUGE proponent of taking progress pictures. I show how to create time lapse photos and videos here.

I hope all that helps!

With love,