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Amanda Meddaugh Posted by ameddaugh

I need some help with shoes! I have wide feet and bunions so it's extremely hard for me to find shoes. Anyone else have this problem? My competition is May 11 so I need to start practicing walking/posing. I ordered a pair of heels from Amazon but had to send them back because they were WAY to narrow. I've been looking on many different websites for shoes. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by areichard

Did you try ordering a size bigger than what you normally wear? I've heard that Ellie (shoe brand) tends to run small especially if you have a wider foot or wear a half size.

Angela Johnson Posted by Ange_christine

I had to order a size up for my ellie shoes. They were still quite narrow, but I figure practicing in them will get the plastic to stretch on them. I also put nylons on to slide my foot into the shoe more easily.

Amanda Meddaugh Posted by ameddaugh

Thanks ladies! Wearing the nylons has helped. Slowly but surely they ate getting broken into =]

Angela Johnson Posted by Ange_christine

So glad it helped! Now I need to take my own advice and finish breaking mine in; they are still pretty tight near the toes! Two weeks out for me, so nervous! Good luck!

Jeannette Smith Posted by momof3

How much in advance should I get my shoes? I'm training for my first show in 17 weeks.

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Hi Jeannette!
I would get shoes well in advance in order to get used to them. If you're anything like most of us, you don't typically strut around in 5" heels all day. So it'll take some practice to get really comfortable in them. :)

With love,