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Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

A FAB Member wants some help... and her question is a great one that I have not seen talked about much. She has some pretty serious stretch marks from incredible weight loss and pregnancies. She wants to do well in competitions but fears the stretch marks will keep her from placing. What advice do you have for her?

Cara Steinmann Posted by cara

I am interested in the same question. I was overweight in college for a while and then again after my son was born (over 200lbs) and have some pretty good stretch marks on my hips. Also have a tattoo on my thigh that I hate and would like cover up...ignorant youth at it's best!

Any tips on what to do here?

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Since I first posted that question I have seen a lot of competitors place quite well with stretch marks. The saving grace is the tan!

The tanning products do a great job of evening out our skin tone. So whether it's stretch marks or other blemishes we're concerned about, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference once that deep dark tan goes on.


Cheryl Jackson Posted by delicious32

I am a mom of two and have stretch marks. I also have several large tattoos. The tan does hide it well and diminishes my ink.

Many competitors have had either significant weight loss, are moms or both so stretch marks are not at all unusual.

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

I have stretch marks.. they are easily visible on the outer side of my legs and the judges have never said anything about it. Luckily, the tan tends to help smooth them over a bit, but it definitely isn't too uncommon to have them in the world of competing! I wouldnt be worried.... that is the last thing I think about on show day :)

Cara Steinmann Posted by cara

Thanks for the feedback:) I guess It's more common than I thought.

Yvonne Sidell Posted by Vonni

Hi, I dont know how old this post is, but I have the same issue on my skin INCLUDING a bad scar from a car accident on my thigh (where the edge of the bikini would align to it)...what do I do since the tanning products wont cover scars? Does this mean I cannot compete? :(

Posted by treyesmu

I have lots of stretch marks as well. In addition, I have loose skin in my lower stomach; right where my bikini is positioned. I am very self-conscious about it, and I had a suit made for me to hide the skin, but the suit bottoms looked like a diaper. I am going to find another seamstress to see what I can I do. Does anyone else have permanent lose, hanging skin?