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Rebecca Fisher Posted by RebeckSian

Hi Guys!
So, as at today I am officially 8 weeks out from my first ever bikini comp (Pure Elite, Manchester)
I am really struggling to find a pair of shoes that fit me, and it's starting to stress me out! :(
I'm normally about a size 6 shoe now, but I tried a pair of size 8 comp shoes on and they were far too narrow!
Has anyone else had this problem?
Would love some direction, hints and tips!
I basically need wide feet shoes!

Rebecca xx

Amer Beamer Posted by AmyBa

Hi Rebecca,

I bought mine from Stakked Couture. I have VERY WIDE FEET! I wear a size 7 1/2 but ordered a 7. Fit just snug enough that they'll fit perfectly, from posing practicing in them, by the time competition actually comes. Lydia Square Toed Competition Heel.

Sandra Desmarais Posted by SandraDes

Hi Rebecca,
I had the same problem ... the shoes i bought were wayyy to narrow but i practiced my routine in them every day so they widened a bit but not enough and the day of the competition i bought large clear bandades to put where the shoes were still too snug so i would not have blisters and it worked good ... so that cab be your last resort option if you don't find wider shoes ;)

Posted by turner7

Competition heels typically have to be "broken in" to fit your feet, they should feel slightly small when you try them on brand new.

Putting them in warm water before you put them on makes the process go faster ;)