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Julie Thomas Posted by bendyprissy

Hi y'all. I am new to this site, not new to fitness, but got off track after around age 35 or so. I am currently 42, weighing 135.4, and with 26.1% body fat. I used to be a size 0 & extremely fit so I know what is needed to get there & I hadn't been taking it seriously until recently. I had been exercising & lying to myself that I was eating better than what I used to & that would be good. Well I finally reached the turning point where I was ready to kick it into gear. As of 9/14/15 I started the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer which consists of totally clean eating, weight lifting, & cardio. To date I have lost 5.3 lbs & 6.4% body fat. My initial goal was to get to a weight of 118.7 lbs with a body fat of 16%. Now that I have started noticing change it has peaked my interest in competing in a bikini contest. I had no desires to compete before but a spark has now been lit. There is a competition in my area on Dec of 2016. That is a good amount of time to get to where I want to be safely. I have a very long road ahead of me but I am definitely up to the challenge & excited about this change in my life. I found your site & am so grateful. I hope I can be inspired & inspire others in my journey.

Kim Sawyer Posted by KimSawyer

Hello, I am also a newbie here. Nice to meet you..