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Maureen Vincenty Posted by mpv83

Hey there everyone! I am having my first official photoshoot in a couple of weeks to capture some professional photos of me to promote my business as a certified personal trainer and health coach. The photos will probably go on my website and my business cards. I may do some in a sports bra w/yoga pants outdoors, etc. The photoshoot will be more mind/body/soul vs fitness modeling, but I still wnat to look my best. I am about 11% bf right now and feel great, but I was wondering what tips you all may have for me so I can be sure to look and feel my best day of. I have never competed before, so I am not familiar with peak week or competition prep strategies.

Any help or advice on what to eat and or avoid etc for the week leading up to the shoot would be great appreciated. My diet is already very clean. I don't drink alcohol or consume processed foods or sugars. I also don't consume grains or legumes (basically paleo).

Thank you!!!!