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Posted by BrookieFit

Hi All,
Very new to this. So, I am training for my first ever bikini competition. I am super excited but also super nervous! I am on week 1 of my 16 week prep and I am so worried I am not going to cut down enough for my show. As I am writing this I know it sounds ridiculous because this certainly doesn’t happen over night… BUT I just came off a bulking/reverse dieting period and I feel that I do have a decent amount of fat on my body. I guess what’s freaking me out the most is seeing all these amazing women on social media who look like they could probably step out on a stage BEFORE they even start prepping! I am just crossing my fingers and toes that 16 weeks will be enough to get down to that 10-13% body fat range. Does anyone else share my anxiety here or am I just being a total freak?